Thursday, February 21, 2013

Go Full White Knight And prevent Violence Against Women: The Game

Have you ever tried to understand what are feminists complaining about when they say video games are sexist against women? you see, the point of feminist complains go around what women don't like and what just affect them personality, basically 50% of the history, one side of the coin.

I'm a very vivid gamer that try to play when there is time, and since I became a MRA I have keep eyes open  to spot bullshit and double standard, recently the feminists camp have put the eyes on another male hobby, video games, just like they did with sport, I now see what feminists do not complain about, how men  are treated, many time in seeking female's approval, basically every game goes around what a male character has to do to please the female and many times that involve being violent toward as many males as possible, if you happens to be informed about technology you very sure knew that yesterday 02-20-2013 Sony had a important meeting about its new PlayStation 4, one of the publisher was presenting a game was Ubisoft, creator of Assassin Creed and Prince Of Persia, the game was Watch_Dogs a open world game where you control the city by phone, Imagine Enemy Of the state + Grand Theft Auto + Eagle Eye mixed together.

The trailer shows the main character Aiden Pierce going around in the city of Chicago looking into personal information of everyone around him when suddenly one woman's information read as fallows:

After you fallow her she meets with a man whose personal information read at fallows:

Hummm, sound familiar? that is practically real world situation for many men, after they notice you (the player) he start running and after a pursuit you hit the shit out of him, this is not new for the gaming world, if you want to be a "good guy" and progress trough the game you must murder and/or injure as many men as possible because one women want it, apparently this mission is one of the secondaries missions in the game.  

Click to enlarge 
But this is not new for Ubisoft, murdering men to please women was in their previous game Far Cry 3, as a side mission too, the mission consist of 3 objectives:

  • Retrieve all the diamond stashes.
  • Deliver the diamond stashes.
  • Kill Nina's pimp husband.

You see, when women are complaining that female characters are oversexualised to please males players, men are not complaining about males characters are murdered/tortured/mutilated to please women, and I say please women because the reason this happens is because..

Women complain to mush while men don't complain enough 

Men also tend to not see themselves as victim, not matter how many times a mangina gets hurts, he will be always there to protect women regardless his own live, games publisher will be increasing murders of men on video games while reducing violence against women to avoid criticism as long as the narrative of violence continue to be "as long as it does not happens to women is OK", the way that violence by gender in video games operate is the same way that VAWA works, violence exist and men are more prone to be victims than women, violence against women is highlighted to make it appears like the great victims while violence against men as kept under the rug or better yet, justified, games publisher are doing what Hollywood and mainstream media  did long time, play the "women-are-good-men-are-bad" card.

So the next time you see feminists complains about "how bad women are treated on video games" remember that they are going to tell you half of the history, with the same purpose that VAWA, make profit.