Monday, September 16, 2013

Men rise value, middle aged, the phoenix from the ashes (a visual example)

I was browsing a site a few days ago dedicated to collections of albums of interesting pictures of random subjects, there, I came across a collection of magazines covers from the 90s and one in particular caught my attention.

This one:

This cover about RDJ was referring to the actor's addiction and constant problem with the law, now this was back in the 90 when RDJ was  early 30s, just look how his life was back then:

If there is something that manosphere and redpill philosophy can teach is that a man can turn his live around and get the better of himself if he put effort into it, we all know what kind of man RDJ is right now, maybe you can tell this is over the top, to use famous rich people to make a comparison but ask yourself this, how many famous rich women have come from the edge of the cliff in their careers, from the ashes to the top of the olympus?

They end up death

In cases like Whitney Houston, she tried to rebuild her career and the only she got was boos 

Some claim is double standard against women in Hollywood......

It appears that if you are a male-celebrity...either in sports of the movie realm you can count on second chances. Not the same however for women. What’s with the double standard?

.....but forget to mention (avoid to mention to not offend the prime target demographic of celebrities's gossips  a.k.a women) that women relay in their youth more that men and women's value just goes down as days pass not matter how mush money they get, they wont become attractive to the opposite sex, the MSM admits this and claim "ageism" but is just simple fact.

Now to respond to the cover magazine from the 90s:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Women With Horses explained (post NSFW)

Recently,  Cpt. Capitalism wrote a good essay over Returnofkings about why men should avoid women with horses, talking from his own experience he gave good examples, the bottom line was almost like this, the moment a woman gets a horse everything and everyone else in her life take second place:

They prefer their horse over their kids.  They prefer their horses over any potential spouse.  And they prefer their horse over their friends.  And thus was the case of my Wyoming friend.  She valued her horses more than anything else, including herself.  She fell in love with them.  Talked to them as if they were humans.  She put them at the center of her life.  And thusly, was left alone on her ranch with them.

I decided to expand more on the subject but I did not want to twist the message so mush, rather be a add on the the original essay.

The commentator Carson D hits the nail but suddenly there is a debate about his point. You can go and read the whole comments section but here I'm going to explain a bit just using a few.

I say Carson D and Veloso are both right, the combination of both points is the gina tingle in action

Let me explain by going back in time, not so long ago The Spearhead had the same subject, title "Tingles in the Mist", it was about Julia Roberts's encounter with an orangutan which almost ended with Julia becoming the queen of the jungle, in my comment I said back then how common was for women to develop sexual and emotional attraction to [no human] animals, showing the similarity between Robert's behavior and female orangutan  during mating process, also in replay to one commentator stating how girls develop an  interest in large animals during adolescence I gave him some examples, one including how actress  Jenny Mccarthy's first sexual partner was a teddy bear, also the key word "girl fucks teddy bear"  on search engines was enough I had to go deeper, later over Theantifeminist , he explained how he witnessed two women getting turn on by watching an ape mind its own business, in his words   

 .......was the unedifying sight of two young Dutch women getting visibly sexually excited whilst watching the massive ape strut about its enclosure.

Many people find hard to believe that such thing happen and that women are more prone to it than men....literally, this is because we tend to see women as pure being whose sexuality is always "right".

Women's sexuality is more fluid,it will take her with whatever gave her tingle even if that thing is another wild animal.

This is where dildo dragon come in our subject,launched on a website called Bad-Dragon, those dildos are shaped after (mythical or real big ones) animals's genitals but dragon's are the biggest seller:

Throughout mainstream media you can see how women's perception never chance not matter their age, fairy tales are still today with disguise as modern cool pop culture, something that people never asked during a  fairy tale was this: what if the beautiful maiden wants be to with the beast? what if the only reason why she chooses the knight is because the beast is death? the first question is played very well in "Beauty AndThe Beast",Belle chooses to stay with the beast, Gaston goes and try to kill the beast even thought she did not want to be with him from the beginning, many fairy tales also show the beast (dragon,ogre or whatever big thing you can imagine) displaying real sexual interest on the maiden of the day.

Every romantic novel website has a "nonhuman" category

Now back to ROK comments after giving this disturbing but real truth about women I'll expand the comments:

Women see their sexuality as wild horses roaming in the open plains, free and untamable 

The horse is the animal that can make a women go crazy in many ways that not other animals can, this is because the horse is the closest animal that human have that represent the ultimate alpha characteristic, physical strength, horses have muscles not human can compete, height, in not other way an animal represent height like a horse, elephants look more like fat giants and giraffes are boring.

It's much simpler- horses are curious animals able to return emotions and feelings,thus emotionally vulnerable chicks get attached to them.


Here is when the hamster spins fast, as the animal can't talk the woman must interpret what the horse feels and then apply it her feelings, have you ever seen a girl with a horse where the girl gets mad at the horse? that never happens, she will always feel guilty for whatever happen to the horse,  every time the horse misbehave  it is excused by her and how it didn't make it on purpose, the horse can even make her fall and brake her several bones and she will excuse it, similar to cute girls who excuse bad boys who beat them.

Then there is the " fix him" "save him", like girls feel the "duty" to save bad boys who go against the law she must save the wild beast, she must tame it, in her mind "if she doesn't tame it no one else will".

This is the combination of alpha: ultimate body not matter is not human and beta: sensitive and caring but without saying a single word,all mixed in the horse.