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Less Fat Positive,Fat Acceptance More Wake-Up Calls

A woman from UK called Jade Torry shared her history with the world about a visit to Disney in  Florida ,USA, where she experienced the situation of being put in the fat seat, get stuck in the water slice and the platform where people stand to watch, being measured to see if she fits on the rollercoaster, all of this happen while tourist kept staring at her which made her cry the whole trip. she calls this experience "wake-up call", after she went back to UK she joined a slim program,  about a year later Jade was in better form, in the scale, she went from a 1 to a 7.

Fat acceptance is the movement aimed to make chance societal attitudes toward  fat people, or at least that is how is painted, fat apologetic, as I called it, is in the same political concreteness floating in the same boat with feminism, which happens to be very related to chance "social" behavior and nature, there is something in good Jade about when she was fat, she listened the call, she answered she did not pretended to do it, the situation brought her to reality that she was not in good condition, when you are in a well-known place like Disney World where thousands of people from around the world are around you, many coming from places where a 200 pounds person is hard to see while you come from the country with the fattest women in Europe you are able to see what through the eyes of reality, if Jade had been in a fat apologetic place, lets say a feminism meeting, she would have been encouraged to keep her body as it used to be, because after all get in shape is going according to the "patriarchy culture", despite the evidence of heart diseases, diabetes etc, fat apologetic is still a big trend in modern countries, take for example the new "fat pride"

Despite the widespread attitude in many societies that fat bodies aren't sexy, plus-size women can have satisfying sexual relationships if they accept their bodies, a small study finds. Overweight women who feel shame about their weight, however, tend to have less satisfying sex lives.

First, the is not a widespread attitude in societies that fat bodies aren't sexy, fat bodies are not sexy, period, biologically we are programmed to select a shape for reproduction, this is why is impossible find a fat person in tribal societies like in the Amazon.
Second, fat women are not plus size, this trend to call them like that is more fat apologetic, plus means bonus, more or extra of something positive and good, women who really are plus size are women who physical features stick out in a positive sight, women like Christina Hendricks from MadMen really is a plus size, clothes for fat people used to be called "big" or "for fat people"

Christina Hendricks        

Something the scintist should have do in first place, go to Hearttiste:

That’s a nice way of putting it. Fat chicks might be getting a lot of sex, but they are probably not getting a lot of love, if we measure love by signs of male investment and length and intensity of commitment. And for women, happiness and a feeling of success at life is found in love, not sex, the latter of which holds hardly any value for women because it is so easy for them to get, relative to the hoops men have to jump through to get laid.The question of whether fat chicks get more or less sex than slim chicks remains an open one. Unfortunately, I cannot contribute much in the way of anecdotal support for either hypothesis, because my interactions with fat chicks have been extremely limited. By choice. And isn’t that the crux of the whole debate? In a world of real options — real, attainable choice — 99 out of 100 men are going to choose the slender babe over the shambling she-hogEVERYTIME.

In a political concreteness society, these who are assumed to have privileged are forced to appeal and pander those who are considered minority or less privileged, feminism, racism, this apply to fat apologetic too, the world has to accommodate in order to make them feel good, not matter that this encourage large consequence in long and short term, for ALL OF US, for example;

Passenger forced to stand for seven hours on U.S. Airways flight because of 400-POUND man sitting next to him

  • -Arthur Berkowitz flying from Anchorage to Philadelphia
  • -One of longest possible domestic flights without a stop
  • -Said it was dangerous as he couldn't use his seatbelt
  • -Obese man said 'I apologise, I'm your worst nightmare'

Melissa Gorga from the reality "Real Housewives of New Jersey" made a social experiment in 2011 wearing a fat suit in Times Square, NY, which is very similar to Jade's experience in Disney, thousands around you in a touristic place, Melissa experienced similar situation to Jade:

If you think the suit is exaggerated think again

She ends the video saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" which is the same as Jessica Valenti claim
"But this is the problem with teaching young women that the key to happiness and success is self-esteem."
 As Valenti, Gorga gives her fat apologetic claim, which is very easy when she really look like this:

And she keeps her body in good shape by doing what people who want to look good do, go to the gym,workout and eat well:

A beautiful person telling that there is a misconception of beauty to ugly people while doing everything to look in shape investing money and time is like a rich person telling the poor that wealth is not happiness then go back to a private island to enjoy the weekend. good looking people (especially women) sell the next philosophy:

-"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
-"We should tell girls the truth: “Beautiful” is bullshit, a standard created to make women into good consumers, too busy wallowing in self-loathing to notice that we’re second class citizens"
-Girls don't need more self-esteem or feel-good mantras about loving themselves

While having the aptitude of:
"But I'll do everything in purpose to NOT look like you, even if cost me money, time or my live"

Gorga enjoy the easy live of good looking women, reality TV, money, rich husband and of course big house, imagine if Gorga was a real fat woman in the same amount of fatness that wearing the suit, do you think she would have the same lifestyle that she has now?

Of course not, because as I said before, being an ugly woman is the closest thing to be a man, you have to work harder to success. Fat apologetic makes fat people feel good about their unhealthily condition, like encourage and congratulate a person with liver cancer for drinking or a person with just one lung for smoking, feminists have always been very prominent about how women should look, is hypocrite from feminists to have a total campaign against anorexia and the use of Photoshop in ads while obesity is a prominent problem, especially in the most feminist countries, which is reason why feminists countries have the highest number of men seeking foreign wives,  ignoring the elephant in the room of obesity which just in USA is around 64% killing thousands causing diabetes, strokes while anorexia does not kill more than 100 per year.

It is time to stop fat apologizing, like Jade Torry, society must make "wake-up calls", because we are now being forced accept unhealthy lifestyles, everything in purpose to not hurt the feelings of those who are fat, because those who are not in the same condition are being subject of shameful  and unfair treatment (remember the man on the plane above) or making a hate crime call someone fatty, we must pretend that is good being fat not matter the diseases and death rate?  you can't be feminist, fat apologetic and have common sense at the same time. 

The question is, why should someone be proud of being fat? people with diabetes are not proud of it, if they could they'll get rid of it.

From now on when someone really get the motivation to chance their fat lifestyle we refer to it as "waked-up called".

We need more of this:

And less like this:

Thanks to Bernard Chapin for the video

The internet provide us with the fat woman meme. Scumbag Fat Girl 

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Female Porn, Book And Pornstar By Stoya (NSFW)

Is well known in the literature world that romantic novels are the female porn by default and the book Fifty Shades of Grey is in the top selling books outselling Harry Potter, but due to the female mind ,imagination and work they put into giving themselves pleasure, to illustrate this in a more visual set we have the next video Directed by Clayton Cubitt starring the porn star Stoya.

Stoya reads "Necrophilia Variations", the book description from Amazon reads as fallows:

Necrophilia Variations is a literary monograph on the erotic attraction to corpses and death. It consists of a series of texts that, like musical phrases, take up the theme and advance it by means of repetition, contrast, and variation. Written in a style that ranges from the lugubrious to the ludicrous -- from purple prose to black humor -- Necrophilia Variations uses literary means to probe the psychopathology of sexual perversion. Eros, the book asks, is naturally drawn to beauty, and yet nothing would seem to be less inherently beautiful than a cadaver. How is it that a necrophile ends up confusing the two, discovering beauty in what most people would find repugnant? How does he come to desire that which would seem to be intrinsically undesirable? If you have ever contemplated the curious points of contact between eros and thanatos -- if you have ever wondered why femmes fatales are alluring, or why sex can be made more exciting by games that simulate danger and pain, or why that bit of French slang that deems orgasm a "little death" seems so appropriate -- then Necrophilia Variations will be sure to delight you with its depictions of death, desire, and deviance.

Stoya who picked herself the the passage she reads describe her expereince in her Tumblr:(emphasis mine)

"As I start reading, my disbelief is suspended. I forget what is about to happen. The first touch on my thigh sends all available blood to my vulva. I continue to enunciate properly, focusing on the text. I've broken a sweat. If this goes on for much longer my hair will be plastered to my head with perspiration as though I've been working out or engaging in acrobatic man/woman penetrative fucking. I stumble over a word, my concentration breaks as I go back to pronounce it correctly. Neither the Hitachi or the woman wielding it will be denied, but in the interests of art (and because this feels so beautifully filthy I don't want it to stop yet) I hold out as long as I can. This section of the world that I'm inhabiting slows down, zooms in. Like a stretched rubber band it suddenly contracts, and I am lovingly punched with an orgasm."

Hitachi is a company from Japan that manufacturer the Hitachi Magic Wand since the 70s as a massage device then used as a sex toy for many women, due to the popularity among women in Western world the device is just called Hitachi and is sold in sex shops.

After reading this imagine the same situiation in many household around the Anglo speaking world, millions of married mothers (is called Mommy Porn for a reason) doing this.

Check close at 0:31

We can't talk about female sexuality and double standard without always pointing out the next picture


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Jessica Valenti: Pretty Face

One of the biggest lines feminists tell so mush is that women are always taught to do something, this "something" being what feminists don't like females to do because it goes against their credo, feminists like to portray that women are victims of their own choice that an external socioeconomic force make them do it, patriarch, pop culture, internet, men, companies, and in this last rest the biggest of all of them, beauty products companies, you like beauty? we all do, but first, what is beauty for you? your definition of beauty is your freedom, is your personal choice, but what happen when nature interpose between what your consider beauty and you? what do you do when you want others to accept your standard of beauty but they don't?

Jessica Valenti wrote an article for Thenation, The Upside of Ugly, describing the problem of "today standard" of beauty and the subsequent donation of 40K from a Foundation to a girl for not other reason that she was bullied at school for her look. 

But this is the problem with teaching young women that the key to happiness and success is 
There is not such thing as teaching young women that the key to happiness and success is is self-stem, what we have is a lack of control over young women's behavior helped by broken families and a generation of fatherless children, if someone is teaching young women that the key to happiness and success is self-stem is single mothers helped by family courts, we have a generation of young women with same behavior drunk people had decades ago.

Feminists helped to remove the control, taking fathers away the families and punish them if they try to have authority within it, when there is not mentor and control young women are not being teached, they are learning from countless resources without anyone to guide them.Young women are being teached that the key to happiness and success is self-esteem from their own mothers OR they have themselves to blame. But for Valenti this two options leave any outside force and men without guilt at all and  young women as, well, guilty.

We should tell girls the truth: “Beautiful” is bullshit, a standard created to make women into good consumers, too busy wallowing in self-loathing to notice that we’re second class citizens.

There is not an "standard created" about beauty, from centuries muses have been young men and women very fit, the most famous paints and sculptures are made from men and women who today would be still considered beautiful, men are still attracted to same young women as centuries ago and not matter how many they try to sell middle age women as desirable, the same reason why cougars have to parade themselves in front of any man waiting to be picked up, David of Michelangelo is not famous because is fat and out of shape:

Women know from early age in their life that beauty matter a lot in women that is why they try to keep in shape as long as possible and companies make use of this feeling in women, jealously in one woman toward one more beautiful is something that sell and when there is not control in young women about it they will do anything in their lives to get it.

 Girls don't need more self-esteem or feel-good mantras about loving themselves—what they need is a serious dose of righteous anger. But instead of teaching young women to recognize and utilize their very justifiable rage, we tell them to smile and love themselves.
That is impossible without control in their homes, if Valenti wants to help these girls first she needs make primary parent accountable (overwhelming mothers) for their lack of support and bad parenting, but when today mothers are parading their daughter half naked in national TV there is not hope, this righteous anger is being tough in in education system from primary school to college, what Valenti doesn't like is that the choices these girls make are not feminists choices, make women angry and put them against men and themselves, what Valenti does not get is that if pop cultures, plastic surgery industry etc "teach" women to do something then why would be any difference with feminism? if pop culture like music and magazines teach young women to hate themselves then isn't  feminist using women just like the magazines do? feminism just pick the target and women fallow, the target could be men, any political candidate the elite feminist don't like or a radio show presenter, just like magazines put women in position of what they should like and what don't, feminism use women for their own political and economic success, meaning feminism is as bad as the the outside forces they try to fight so mush, what they don't like is that they have to share the cake, they want it for them and nobody else, because they were the one that destroyed the control that was prevalent for centuries

 When I was younger I begged my parents to let me get a nose job. Like Ilse, I was taunted at school and hated my nose so thoroughly I was sure my face was an affront to the people around me. My parents, to their credit, never considered letting me have surgery. They simply assured me I was beautiful the way I was. But here’s the thing: I knew that wasn’t true. I was a smart kid, and I realized that compared to what was considered beautiful, I was absolutely awkward-looking.
Anyone who reads what she writes here would believe that Valenti is not like that kind of women who goes around using their sexappeal as weapon, Valenti knows that she is good looking compared to the average feminists, she is the mainstream feminist, the pretty face on media when there is a need for feminists on TV,same thing happen with Amanda Marcotte and most recent Sandra Fluke, proving that even feminists know that beauty sells, they wont put an ugly woman in the front because would feed the stereotypical (?) perception that feminists are ugly women, even in the 70s Gloria Steinem was the face of feminism and not Andrea Dworkin or Valerie Solanas , Steinem was so good looking that she was hired by Playboy as a bunny while working are as writer:

Gloria Steinem

Andrea Dworkin

This is the reason why Steinem is most-well known than Dworkin and other ugly and fats feminists from the same period of time, because they sell a pretty face of feminism like a magazine does, Valenti knows this and she tries to look good as mush as possible, that makes her excel among others not so good looking feminists, when Valenti knows she has the power of beauty among feminists she uses because she knows how to. 

Source avoiceformen

Women using their bodies for men gratification (?) is what they find wrong, beautiful women have the easiest  life compared to ugly women, from school but specially during high school this is common when boys an girls star maturing, if a girl wants to be cheerleader she has to in be in shape first and  look good 24/7 second, after she accomplishes that, she will have every men she wants to, the captain from the school team and never the nerd, the same happens in the rest of the world and every stage of women's life, in porn the most famous actress are the best looking of them, even though in recent years categories in porn have been increasing adding fat women AKA BBW, old women MILF and "Mature" but is the young good body who enjoy the fame and money.

To illustrated this point I will use one recent example

This year Sarah Robles, an American weightlifter who despite her good performance, lives in poverty  

Weightlifter Sarah Robles is an incredible athlete, but outside the world of squats and snatches, barely anyone knows her name. And even though she's the U.S.’s best chance at an Olympic medal, she'll never get the fame or fortune that come so easily to her fellow athletes — in part because, at 5 feet, 10.5 inches and 275 pounds, she doesn't fit the ideal of thin, toned athletic beauty.

“You can get that sponsorship if you’re a super-built guy or a girl who looks good in a bikini. But not if you’re a girl who’s built like a guy,” she says. The 23-year-old from California became the highest ranked weightlifter in the country last year after placing 11th at the world championships, beating out every male and female American on the roster. On her best day, she can lift more than 568 pounds — that’s roughly five IKEA couches, 65 gallons of milk, or one large adult male lion.

              But that doesn't mean much when it comes to signing the endorsement deals that could pay the bills. Track star Lolo Jones, 29, soccer player Alex Morgan, 22, and swimmer Natalie Coughlin, 29, are natural television stars with camera-friendly good looks and slim, muscular figures. But women weightlifters aren't go-tos when Sports Illustrated is looking for athletes to model body paint in the swimsuit issue. They don’t collaborate with Cole Haan on accessories lines and sit next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week, like tennis beauty Maria Sharapova.

And male weightlifters often get their sponsorships from supplements or diet pills, because their buff, ripped bodies align with male beauty ideals. Men on diet pills want to look like weightlifters — most women would rather not.
The Strongest Woman In America Lives In Poverty

In the other side we have Michelle Jenneke, an Australian hurdler who became famous after someone edited and upload a video of her while warming up before a race in Barcelona started

The video has already 16 million of views in less than a month, Jenneke is now a internet sensation,the attention was so big that she got an offer from to pose nude in exchange of donating money for Australia Sport Commission: is offering a “sizable donation” to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) if athlete Michelle Jenneke agrees to pose nude for an exclusive photo shoot...
If Jenneke accepts the offer, said it will donate an undisclosed sum to the ASC, pending negotiations with her and her representation. The ASC is an authority within the Australian government that provides financial support and other assistance to national sporting organizations.

Rising Track Star Michelle Jenneke Draws Nude Offer from

In the same sport as Robles is Samantha Wright a cute blonde blue-eyed petite girl, who from nowhere became famous after 4chan started sharing animated gifs of her while lifting,as someone in the comments suggested she looks like a lovechild of Hulk and Tinkerbell.

The Internet Has A Huge Crush On This Female Weightlifter

After you take a look at their pictures you can guess why the difference in their acceptance among the public:

Sarah Robles

Michelle Jenneke

Samantha Wright

Is unfair that Robles does not enjoy the same amount of popularity than Jenneke and Wright despite her performance but from an adverting point of view is total reasonable, you can't sell a product to women using Robles, because women don't want to look like Robles and her body does not attract male's attention.

Can you see the irony? Two unknown women in sport become internet sensations because they look good and one get an offer to pose nude for money but a more stronger woman is living in poverty and can't get sponsor because is not feminine enough and nobody know her name. 

Despite the example above feminism is still trying to impose its own beauty concept of overweight bad dressed women calling themselves "fat positive", when young women see the life of beautiful women get for being cute attractive they know they have to look the best they can because being an ugly woman is the closest thing to be a man, you have to work harder to success.

Modern science has made possible millions of women could look good which was impossible or dangerous before modern medicine.

Valenti as many other feminists does not want to admit that women are the first target of  objectification by other women, if Robles appears wearing a bikini in a ad for a soda that are so common during the summer, women would be the first in the line to criticize her, without doubts the girl who got 40K for her surgery was being bullied by other girls, is easy for Valenti comes and portray herself as a victim of bullying when she is now the pretty face of feminism.