Monday, September 16, 2013

Men rise value, middle aged, the phoenix from the ashes (a visual example)

I was browsing a site a few days ago dedicated to collections of albums of interesting pictures of random subjects, there, I came across a collection of magazines covers from the 90s and one in particular caught my attention.

This one:

This cover about RDJ was referring to the actor's addiction and constant problem with the law, now this was back in the 90 when RDJ was  early 30s, just look how his life was back then:

If there is something that manosphere and redpill philosophy can teach is that a man can turn his live around and get the better of himself if he put effort into it, we all know what kind of man RDJ is right now, maybe you can tell this is over the top, to use famous rich people to make a comparison but ask yourself this, how many famous rich women have come from the edge of the cliff in their careers, from the ashes to the top of the olympus?

They end up death

In cases like Whitney Houston, she tried to rebuild her career and the only she got was boos 

Some claim is double standard against women in Hollywood......

It appears that if you are a male-celebrity...either in sports of the movie realm you can count on second chances. Not the same however for women. What’s with the double standard?

.....but forget to mention (avoid to mention to not offend the prime target demographic of celebrities's gossips  a.k.a women) that women relay in their youth more that men and women's value just goes down as days pass not matter how mush money they get, they wont become attractive to the opposite sex, the MSM admits this and claim "ageism" but is just simple fact.

Now to respond to the cover magazine from the 90s:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Women With Horses explained (post NSFW)

Recently,  Cpt. Capitalism wrote a good essay over Returnofkings about why men should avoid women with horses, talking from his own experience he gave good examples, the bottom line was almost like this, the moment a woman gets a horse everything and everyone else in her life take second place:

They prefer their horse over their kids.  They prefer their horses over any potential spouse.  And they prefer their horse over their friends.  And thus was the case of my Wyoming friend.  She valued her horses more than anything else, including herself.  She fell in love with them.  Talked to them as if they were humans.  She put them at the center of her life.  And thusly, was left alone on her ranch with them.

I decided to expand more on the subject but I did not want to twist the message so mush, rather be a add on the the original essay.

The commentator Carson D hits the nail but suddenly there is a debate about his point. You can go and read the whole comments section but here I'm going to explain a bit just using a few.

I say Carson D and Veloso are both right, the combination of both points is the gina tingle in action

Let me explain by going back in time, not so long ago The Spearhead had the same subject, title "Tingles in the Mist", it was about Julia Roberts's encounter with an orangutan which almost ended with Julia becoming the queen of the jungle, in my comment I said back then how common was for women to develop sexual and emotional attraction to [no human] animals, showing the similarity between Robert's behavior and female orangutan  during mating process, also in replay to one commentator stating how girls develop an  interest in large animals during adolescence I gave him some examples, one including how actress  Jenny Mccarthy's first sexual partner was a teddy bear, also the key word "girl fucks teddy bear"  on search engines was enough I had to go deeper, later over Theantifeminist , he explained how he witnessed two women getting turn on by watching an ape mind its own business, in his words   

 .......was the unedifying sight of two young Dutch women getting visibly sexually excited whilst watching the massive ape strut about its enclosure.

Many people find hard to believe that such thing happen and that women are more prone to it than men....literally, this is because we tend to see women as pure being whose sexuality is always "right".

Women's sexuality is more fluid,it will take her with whatever gave her tingle even if that thing is another wild animal.

This is where dildo dragon come in our subject,launched on a website called Bad-Dragon, those dildos are shaped after (mythical or real big ones) animals's genitals but dragon's are the biggest seller:

Throughout mainstream media you can see how women's perception never chance not matter their age, fairy tales are still today with disguise as modern cool pop culture, something that people never asked during a  fairy tale was this: what if the beautiful maiden wants be to with the beast? what if the only reason why she chooses the knight is because the beast is death? the first question is played very well in "Beauty AndThe Beast",Belle chooses to stay with the beast, Gaston goes and try to kill the beast even thought she did not want to be with him from the beginning, many fairy tales also show the beast (dragon,ogre or whatever big thing you can imagine) displaying real sexual interest on the maiden of the day.

Every romantic novel website has a "nonhuman" category

Now back to ROK comments after giving this disturbing but real truth about women I'll expand the comments:

Women see their sexuality as wild horses roaming in the open plains, free and untamable 

The horse is the animal that can make a women go crazy in many ways that not other animals can, this is because the horse is the closest animal that human have that represent the ultimate alpha characteristic, physical strength, horses have muscles not human can compete, height, in not other way an animal represent height like a horse, elephants look more like fat giants and giraffes are boring.

It's much simpler- horses are curious animals able to return emotions and feelings,thus emotionally vulnerable chicks get attached to them.


Here is when the hamster spins fast, as the animal can't talk the woman must interpret what the horse feels and then apply it her feelings, have you ever seen a girl with a horse where the girl gets mad at the horse? that never happens, she will always feel guilty for whatever happen to the horse,  every time the horse misbehave  it is excused by her and how it didn't make it on purpose, the horse can even make her fall and brake her several bones and she will excuse it, similar to cute girls who excuse bad boys who beat them.

Then there is the " fix him" "save him", like girls feel the "duty" to save bad boys who go against the law she must save the wild beast, she must tame it, in her mind "if she doesn't tame it no one else will".

This is the combination of alpha: ultimate body not matter is not human and beta: sensitive and caring but without saying a single word,all mixed in the horse.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The live and privilege of feminists.

The whole mansosphere is clear about the feminists's common pattern of upper class women but for too many people that is still a "straw feminist" mantra, wanting to make a visual point about it I went around social media, here I'll show you the life of feminists through their own eyes:

The live of feminists

Lets start with Women's Media Center

The only people I know can enjoy Moet (or any other brand of alcohol) while working are big CEOs and men from the '50 like Don Drapper, now alcohol is banned in many companies and organisations, would be good to the feminists to lead by example, if you hate the '50 so mush the first thing they should do is not behave like the men they dislike:

When alcohol was banned from the workplace was in purpose to protect women from sexual assault and bosses "taking advantage" of drunk secretaries, this of course was not real, as Tea club for men or cigar clubs, this was common for men back then, now just the wealthy can afford. 

Then we have the biggest jaw, Amanda Marcotte, who apparently  spend her live between concerts and cats, yeah cats

Jessica Valenti? well, I did something about her not so long ago, but lets remember a bit of it:

Now from her tweeter 

You'd say, there is nothing wrong with these pictures of her daughter, and you are right, but look from a red pill point of view, her neighborhood looks safe and secure enough for her and children go around the park, one thing very common among feminists is that for one side they claim for tolerance and multiculturalism but try to live as far as they can from the ghetto, even the ducks in the park look good and the park itself clean, try to go to  some parks in the Bronx around the projects and you'd find condoms, syringes, drugs (yeah you can find many plastic coated pills on the floor) and you know why she does not need a man strong enought to keep her and her child safe? because her class status and  Big Daddy gov provide such protection.

Now the queen of fat acceptance, Lindy West:

For someone who complain her entire life about fat shaming and Sexualization of women she would know better about not exploiting men in her twitter banner picture

Women across social class can support feminism but how they are afected by it in the end is what matters to the upper class, their lives is an upper-class privilege bubble, they already come from a wealthy family, therefore the need for resource is not as big as an under class women in the ghetto, they both can support feminist causes like Planned Parenthood but for the underclass the problem of ditching men all together at the same time that men avoid commitment (MGTW) and limit the money they produce will cause a collapse in the gov service that extract money from those already-gone men, look at Detroit, women have to sell their bodies, are toothless this is what women brought to themselves, remember Detroit is on the top of liberal cities, liberal and feminists killed the car/factories industry pushing for regulations, as many men were getting good money back then was tasty for the feminism crowd to transfer the money from those men and give it to women, what did they get at the end?, when young privileged feminists like Valenti claim and encourage underclass women to ditch men while the old spinsters are lobbying passing laws to transfer money male to female they do it because they know that when the collapse happens they wont be one of the many women selling the ass in the truck stop.

This is why feminism and liberalism is so hard to be accepted in many countries and just the upper class can afford, go to the Caribbean and tell women they can ditch men when a hurricane category 4 is coming in 2 days ,feminism can only be accepted when there is a big destruction of family,social security provided by the state and there is enough money to transfer from men to women.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How do women from feminists countries behave abroad? (videos)

Have you wondered how is the women's behavior from feminists countries when they are abroad? you see, when you live in a powerful countries that carter so mush to women that the law, education and even private companies are force to pander and see them as victim and minority (with the numeric majority) and create a system that punish any male behavior toward women as harassment and rape, you sure wondered , what if they are in a country where this system dose not exist?  

Well, let me give you a a good example to answer that question, I going to use Dominican Republic for three reasons, first, tourism is primary sector of economy(Spanish), second, Dominican Republic is the sixth country in the ranking for tourism  in the America continent (PDF) and third, is it not so close as Mexico, which is second in the raking for tourism  after USA.

Let me introduce you the Sanky Panky:

From Wikipedia

sanky-panky, or sanky, is a male sex worker, found in the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic. A sanky-panky solicits on beaches and has clients of both sexes or only women. When with men, the sanky-panky assumes an active (a.k.a. top) role, but when with women, assumes the role of an ideal lover.
While strictly speaking they are not prostitutes, since they do not directly negotiate money for sex, they are more likely to create a pseudo-relationship which can be continued when the guest returns home. 
To explain a bit more, the Sanky are mostly black Dominicans guys (90% of the population is black) whom have the same tactic as a PUA in many ways, getting gift in exchange for sex,The Sanky speak at least 3 languages, Dominican Republic gets tourists mostly from Canada, France, Italia, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and USA meaning that if the Sanky want to have a better market he needs to learn every one of the languages spoken on these countries.

Many are underage, many even have an official local Dominican girlfriend who tolerate that they give sex to random foreign women.

These Sanky in the video below explain theirs methods, is in Spanish but is very easy to understand what they try to say without even know the language : 

Look close to 2:04, he explains how they (the Sanky and the foreign woman) get drunk in the nightclub then go and have sex (the law allows business in the tourist area to be open 24/7), the same behavior feminists in the countries mentioned above considered rape, women from those sames countries travel thousands of miles and pay to do the same

These guys are making 100 US dollars  every night, some even make 300.

If you ever wondered how women so sensible that they need tiger warning to make an adult conversation act when abroad, just look at the our next video:

Random Latino dude making weird moves to foreign women he does not know, then process to make a total sexual dance and then put her in the Nirvana sex position, how many nice guys she turns down in her country? does she need counselor and therapy after this? will feminists track the guy and jail him? remember they don't know each other, they are total stranger. 
In her country he is (by definition) sexual assaulting her with attempt to rape her.

You sure know feminism concerns about sex tourism, Sweden and Switzerland take that seriously, but is only wrong when men do it. In the next video a woman from Switzerland  explains very well the Sanky's tactic.

(I don't know why the video wont embed so I let the link to YouTube)

You'd think that a country so feminist like Switzerland, women would have more concern about sex tourism, a big "crime", but wait, what women do is "romance abroad", this woman is so good about the Sanky that her Spanish is better that average.

The next videos bellow was made by a Hispanic TV network Telemundo, are a bit more informative than the previews above

You, my friend watching this in your feminists country (like me in USA) must remember this is what they crave and paayyyy for.

The Sanky Panky within the culture is so accepted that there is a movie by the same name. 

Then we have the tiguere (tiger) a term to describe men who are skilled and have knowledge about live, the tiguere does not have to be a college graduated, just  a man with good knowledge of human behavior.     

Even an American blogger girl living in the Dominican Republic describe the Sanky Panky  and tiguere as fallow

Everyone has their own definition or understanding of the word tiguere, but the definition I like to use is a Dominican who is good at manipulating people, usually women, to get what they want. Typically, tigueres display their sexuality in an almost aggressive manner, demonstrating their sexual prowess and masculinity. Some people describe tigueres as moochers who live off other people, but always look good, wearing nice clothes and the latest styles.

Sound familiar, she is describing a player...

She continues:
Both tigueres and sanky-pankys are experts in the manipulation of other people. If you call one out on being a tiguere he will get offended, say things like “how could you think something like that!” and then act sullen in an attempt to shift guilt away from him onto the girl.

Better description? if you ever read Heartiste, you can identify these traits, you'd probably think she keeps away from these manipulating Dominican guys....



You beta males friendzoned in the great cities with liberal arts degree and David Futrelle, behold, like this girl, there is a lot of young foreign women living in the Dominican Republic and the number keeps rising,most of the tourist that arrive to the Dominican Republic are women, you can find many doing a Google search, Dominican Republic is not as developed as feminists countries, the electricity is a serious problem, water and other basic needs are very hard to get, yet these girls find not troubles staying there, because when they find someone that can give them the gina tingle they can live anywhere.

This phenomenon has been discussed before on  Heartiste's blogs:

What happens when your Nation's men are emasculated 

Women from feminists countries will demand their native men to be more feminine and place a system that basically forbid male behavior at any level, this created generation of women that will do anything to get the males that portray these same masculine sexual aggressiveness whenever they find them, this happens a lot within the USA, you can see white girls demanding white guys whiteknightnism and white guilt, then go and screw the black ghetto thug alpha, even going as far and adopt their gang language

What do you do when even your president is a beta? Look at him sitting on national TV, look at him. 

The vikings knew what happens when your native women are taken away,that nation perishes, feminism is controlled by white women therefore you see how white are now becoming minority at the same time that white women join the less feminism culture they can find:

Even though Sweden is the land of vikings, the men are not, in any sense vikings, here we have women forbidding acts that women from the same country have pay for in another country. 

When liberal feminists countries media like DailyMail, TheAtlantic middle age white women complain  why they can't find a good men what they really mean is they can't find a man that "display his sexuality in an almost aggressive manner" .
This illustrate the hypocritical  double standard of women from feminists countries, as long as men allow them, men in feminists countries will keep being jailed for doing what women from the same country let other men abroad do without any consequence.

Remember this every time one of your friend, coworker or any other female relative travel, when women, not matter how feminists she is, encounter a culture where men are described as tiger that "display their sexuality in an almost aggressive manner"  without the system that carter to them as a jealous sugar-daddy they throw the feminist card away.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Go Full White Knight And prevent Violence Against Women: The Game

Have you ever tried to understand what are feminists complaining about when they say video games are sexist against women? you see, the point of feminist complains go around what women don't like and what just affect them personality, basically 50% of the history, one side of the coin.

I'm a very vivid gamer that try to play when there is time, and since I became a MRA I have keep eyes open  to spot bullshit and double standard, recently the feminists camp have put the eyes on another male hobby, video games, just like they did with sport, I now see what feminists do not complain about, how men  are treated, many time in seeking female's approval, basically every game goes around what a male character has to do to please the female and many times that involve being violent toward as many males as possible, if you happens to be informed about technology you very sure knew that yesterday 02-20-2013 Sony had a important meeting about its new PlayStation 4, one of the publisher was presenting a game was Ubisoft, creator of Assassin Creed and Prince Of Persia, the game was Watch_Dogs a open world game where you control the city by phone, Imagine Enemy Of the state + Grand Theft Auto + Eagle Eye mixed together.

The trailer shows the main character Aiden Pierce going around in the city of Chicago looking into personal information of everyone around him when suddenly one woman's information read as fallows:

After you fallow her she meets with a man whose personal information read at fallows:

Hummm, sound familiar? that is practically real world situation for many men, after they notice you (the player) he start running and after a pursuit you hit the shit out of him, this is not new for the gaming world, if you want to be a "good guy" and progress trough the game you must murder and/or injure as many men as possible because one women want it, apparently this mission is one of the secondaries missions in the game.  

Click to enlarge 
But this is not new for Ubisoft, murdering men to please women was in their previous game Far Cry 3, as a side mission too, the mission consist of 3 objectives:

  • Retrieve all the diamond stashes.
  • Deliver the diamond stashes.
  • Kill Nina's pimp husband.

You see, when women are complaining that female characters are oversexualised to please males players, men are not complaining about males characters are murdered/tortured/mutilated to please women, and I say please women because the reason this happens is because..

Women complain to mush while men don't complain enough 

Men also tend to not see themselves as victim, not matter how many times a mangina gets hurts, he will be always there to protect women regardless his own live, games publisher will be increasing murders of men on video games while reducing violence against women to avoid criticism as long as the narrative of violence continue to be "as long as it does not happens to women is OK", the way that violence by gender in video games operate is the same way that VAWA works, violence exist and men are more prone to be victims than women, violence against women is highlighted to make it appears like the great victims while violence against men as kept under the rug or better yet, justified, games publisher are doing what Hollywood and mainstream media  did long time, play the "women-are-good-men-are-bad" card.

So the next time you see feminists complains about "how bad women are treated on video games" remember that they are going to tell you half of the history, with the same purpose that VAWA, make profit.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Male privilege at college

Taken from college, financial aid registration from an oppressor male relative.