Monday, October 31, 2011

He'd hurt my baby

This picture is 1 year old I took on the subway here in NY I think it was train 1 or "A" brought my attention because how portray "him" hurting baby when women are the ones that hurt children most that men.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Algebra for these who don't want to know about it

This week i'm going explore what i have around my house, especially because i have two sisters which one of them is in high school so a barrow her books looking for the "feducation"  education focused promoting girls and ignoring boys, one of the field that women are not yet occupy are these who are very difficult using math, maths move the universe, the group that dominate math is the group that is going to be the greatest, so even now when women are the majority in college men are the ones doing science, engineering,physic etc and of course you need to know about math to do all of these, women don't do math not because they are women, they don't do it because it difficult for their expectation and demand  long time of job, focus and deep thoughts, women choose career when they can have free time and they value social live very much (focus on women), so here there are the pictures from my sister's algebra and trigonometry  

From the cover: women

 7 authors 4 woming 3 men, i wonder if political correctness has something to do with it.

When was the last time you saw a women mowing the lawn?
 Seriously gamer girls, playing gamecube, when casual games didn't exist 
 You go girl
 Girl teach the boy, remember she is naturally smarter than him

 I'm going to keep posting pic from the subway and bus. This is just the firs part of misandry around us i want to keep calling for attention to this issue.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why feminist don't demand protection for pregnant women from attacks to remove the baby?

Yeah, why? after all they fight for protection of women , well is very easy, if you look the attacks against pregnant women to remove the baby  you'll see they are committed mostly by women or by men hired by women with the same motive than most women -have a child not matter what-...

There are two people involved in these kind of crime that are victim, the mother and the baby (s), the mother because she is carrying what female criminal wants, the womb becomes the "purse with money" so females criminals don't care about the mother after all they know they have to hit her, tight her,cut her, open her and other monstrous things that just Jason and Jack the Ripper would like to know about it.

The baby, if is "lucky"(?) is going to live but there is a big probability that he/she is not going to, the female criminal don't care how many weeks the mothers is, they just pick up a random pregnant women they see walking the street, they are hunting, yes just like that if you are going to look on the street for a random person carrying what you want but you have to open her then you are not different from a hunter who is going to dissection an animal.

The horrible case Annette Morales-Rodriguez  (picture) who hunted a pregnant women, hit her with a baseball bat then remove by force the baby from the womb make any person shiver.

The victim Maritza Ramirez-Cruz who was 32-42 weeks have three other children who now have not a mother.

Wait, what about the man?
Yeah, the husband and father now have to raise his children alone he lost his wife and of course we know there is not help for single dads.  

Protection for women, for feminist protection means for women from men, never reverse never female-female even though the evidence of lesbian couples having the same problems feminist say come from men.

When there is a man involved then they act, when they see pregnant women being beaten by her boyfriend or husband they act, march, proclaim, fight etc, cause that is going to became a big income,shelters doctors, psychology, media, who happen to be feminist or withe knights, then we have women being the ones who attend to kill other women and steal her baby, feminist stop right here, they know portrayed  women as the bad ones is not good to the business.

That is your answer, feminist don't demand protection for a group even tough if they are the women they pretend to being fighting for, you don't see  them demand enforce the law for these kind of crime because women will be punish for their brutality crimes, you don't see the family court fighting for the best interest of the child when he/she is more vulnerable >>>in the mother's womb<<<.

The feminist effort to avoid any portray of women as the bad ones is becoming harder, people are waking up they don't take "women good men bad" "shelosophy " thanks to internet and MRM who is doing an great work, Register-her is growing, false accuser are being published with picture,female murders are not growing they always had been the same but now they can't hide it anymore and nothing can't stop the true when is right there.

Use logic and you'll have feminist owned.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Around the net

Mother forced to pay back child support after 'father' discovers he was never able to conceive

"The court was also told how the man had been 'harried' by the Child Support Agency."
Yeah, the child's best interest is forgotten here, the child's best interest first is to know who he/she really is, who is is dad, his/her daddy.

Quite frankly child support should be based on paternity tests. Is science is the real and big true right there not matter what a women say and that is why feminist in against paternity test, women will be responsibility and we know how feminist hate that.


Dear Students of Saint Louis University:

Due to recent changes in the university’s policy on sexual conduct between students, all sexual activity involving male students, and prospective male students is officially classified by the school as sexual assault. All sexual encounters between complimentary-sexed students attending SLU will be treated by the administration as sexual assault, independent of standard interpretations of state and federal law.


Spotting violence and hate

Ignoring the male victim demographic is a strategy designed to fail and to escalate violence within society. The grievance industry pursues this plan-for-failure with the intent of producing more female casualties, because it pays.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Around the net

'She was hot and got good ratings': Fox News chairman says he hired Sarah Palin because he liked her looks 

This is why women are hired in first place and they knew it all the time, this is why you see hot female sport reporter and but fat and bald male reporter because nobody care how the man look, he a good reporter but women are just pretty faces, I wrote about it here.

Woman hurled her granddaughter, two, to her death from bridge - because she was upset child was illegitimate   Notice the word "killer" and "murder" are missing. "Dela Rosa's lawyers claimed she did not know right from wrong and had been suffering from severe depression."

Remember women are strong independent more rational than men unless they did something wrong specially a crime, they never knew right from wrong just like a toddler. that is why MRAs always say feminist had persuaded the system so women are treated like oversize children because that is what they have became.

The Nobel women: Africa's first elected female president, tireless Yemeni activist and the campaigner who organised a sex strike share Peace Prize Yeah, while women "fight" "mobilized" and "protest" the men of this same countries are the ones who really is fighting for justice.

How many women you see in these videos?

But remember women and children are affected worse according to them but you can see in this video men are the ones being beat on the street but women are the ones who are more affected when the video clearly say "hidden in a school" 
Men fight die, women cook and are at hospitals.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Woman’s gotta know … her limitations

Reading Avoiceformen  I get this, a women "firefighter" "doing her job" and how pathetic was her performance risking lives on name of political corrected, what happen is women this days are not accepting a no as an answer specially requesting for a job, If you look close around you will see more women working that men but when there is something wrong is a man who have to fix it.

Here an example: when you walk into a private or public department you'll see yourself surrounded by women, women everywhere, this departments have computers which is being used by women, ok until here everything ok, well women are taking the planet ruling the world you'll say, but when the system is down, the computer crash or she clicks the wrong link is a man who have the duty of keeping the everything in order and working: technical support.

Well women can become technical about computers but they don't want to, when we are talking about lives is a big deal is the biggest deal ever, when you need some specific skill to performance a job is something very different to just read books and intellectual aptitude, when a person need some physical skill to performance a job and biologically doesn't suit, it is not it is nobody's fault , I say again it is nobody's fault.

When women want a job she demands to be hired not matter what, here is the problem, there are jobs which demand strong muscle, it is not men's fault we are physical stronger that women, when in the gym a man have 2 weeks lifting weights he is gonna get stronger that a women lifting the same weights for o1 month, this is how nature work, and not, it is not sexist, it is a fact. when women want to be "firefighter" they are suppose to save lives not pretend to be strong or capable, that is something you have to do during training not in a burning building with a family of 5 screaming in the closet.

If there are person who fainted you have to carry them (just like the picture but with a hell around you) and if we talk about adult person or disable person you need big and strong arms and legs.

Imagine climbing the stairs carrying a big and wide hose and then coming down carrying a 45 years old and 185 pounds man, can you imagine a woman who can't do it during training how is she suppose to do it under pressure?

Well every MRA know how to handle something very tough and I'm talking about woman too, women in the MRM know there are jobs which are for men and just for men, men don't do these dirty and dangerous jobs just because they like it, they do these jobs because they are the only capable doing it, it is like saying tall men are more capable that short men in basketball is this discrimination against short men? not, it calls skills for the job, let me do it this way, short men are more capable riding racehorse and that it is not discrimination against tall men.

Political corrected government and feminist are risking lives putting women in men's position who cant carry a body out the building, wasting millions training them just because they think they can do it, a "firefighter" is suppose to save live not putting in more danger and a women "firefighter" is more danger for the people burning, her coworker and herself.

Lower the standard so women can  be hired is the prove that   men and women are not the same.

This is the best of feminist hypocrisy, they demand low the standard for women in the army, police and fire department  etc so everything about equality is forgotten here, if they think women are so strong and capable as men or better they should keep the standard equal just like men or harder for women if they want to prove they do it better, but women get head start in western society and they say they are oppressed.

Low standard
Women are hired
Women can't do it like men
Women are keep out of danger
Women get paid the same like men
Woman get promotion like men
Women get the more attention from media
Women are better that men 

Feminist Logic.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Use the women's body is oppression....unless is in purpose of feminist

Surfing the web I came across this kind of stupid campaign of British TV's most familiar women you can see here  where Gillian Taylforth, Beberley Gallard, Sherrie Hewson and Andrea Mclean get naked, let me explain what they are trying to prove.

 "The ladies spoke of the way that women, despite their talent, can be denied roles on camera simply because producers believe them to be too old."

What is their talent?

According to Wikipedia
Gillian Taylforth-actress
Beberley Gallard-actress
Sherrei Hewson-Actress, broadcaster and novelist
Andrea Mclean-TV presenter

If we take what they say, no matter your talent if you are old you are out, we can encounter very easy this kind of women who are very common since the last 30 years, first lets look for the meaning of the word talent:

special natural ability or aptitude.

An aptitude is an innate component of a competency (as opposed to knowledge, understanding, learned or acquired abilities (skills) and attitude) to do a certain kind of work at a certain level. Aptitudes may be physical or mental. The innate nature of aptitude is in contrast to achievement, which represents knowledge or ability that is gained.

So after when this women get their first job on TV they knew they were being hired because their bodies, that is their talent, they looked good young but after their talent (bodies) start falling apart they are useless, sexist? why? they don't have talent anymore, if they are old now and haven't acquired skills to do certain kind of work (act) at a certain level (their age) which may be physical (their bodies appearance) or mental (......) they never are going to do it. 

Here they admit it is all about their bodies they care about:
"And they proved that there was nothing old about their bodies with the daring photo shoot"

It is like saying "we still look good on TV"
If you click on the pic you don't see a single wrinkle, of course  they want to prove they are still good looking and I admit I'd hit the blonde on the left and the brunette on the right you can keep the other two, now when you search for pictures of them you notice they don't look like this, they try to sell something they are not.

If your talent is act,broadcast and write why get naked? you can make a short film and prove you are still  can act, but no, they don't.

"Gillian, 56, said she has found it increasingly harder to get work in television the older she gets.

She told the magazine: 'In TV, it's OK for men to be 50 or 60, but for women it's very difficult. Older actresses can feel put by the wayside.

'I left The Bill three years ago, and since then TV work has been harder to come by - it probably started in my late 40s.'
And Beverley, 54, agreed that the pressure has prevented her from enjoying getting older."

Listen, when you got true talent to work as an actor it doesn't matter how you look, Meryl  Streep is 62 years old and she is still there making movies,  Danny  DeVito is short, fat and bald, I can name hundreds but is the same in many job in the word.

"She also said that she believed the problem is getting worse, and that television writers may be at fault."

Remember is always somebody else fault.

She said: 'Women my age face a lack of parts because writers don't write about women in their 50s"

The funny every time I listen this kind of comments I ask: did you say that when you where in your teens/20s? haha they get upset because at that age teens girls tend to make fun of older women.

Encounter feminist Point of view 

Then we have the feminist paradigm of beauty, when women do this kind of campaign you don't see any feminist disagree  or demonize the magazine, because the purpose if this kind of campaign is a purpose  of feminism, get women to work no matter what,and this is some sort of discrimination against women, but what happen if you take the same picture and put it somewhere like this?:

Yeah you'll get a complain from feminist about the stereotype of using the women body to sell.

So paying  a model thousand and hundreds of thousand for pics when that is her job is discrimination against women but if they do the same because you get fire and can't get a job is sexual liberation, free speech etc.

That is why feminism doesn't make sense, they portray everything that don't suit them like sexism and discrimination  remember  if is in purpose of feminism  is equality. Sarcasm mode: ON