Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Mother forced to pay back child support after 'father' discovers he was never able to conceive

"The court was also told how the man had been 'harried' by the Child Support Agency."
Yeah, the child's best interest is forgotten here, the child's best interest first is to know who he/she really is, who is is dad, his/her daddy.

Quite frankly child support should be based on paternity tests. Is science is the real and big true right there not matter what a women say and that is why feminist in against paternity test, women will be responsibility and we know how feminist hate that.


Dear Students of Saint Louis University:

Due to recent changes in the university’s policy on sexual conduct between students, all sexual activity involving male students, and prospective male students is officially classified by the school as sexual assault. All sexual encounters between complimentary-sexed students attending SLU will be treated by the administration as sexual assault, independent of standard interpretations of state and federal law.


Spotting violence and hate

Ignoring the male victim demographic is a strategy designed to fail and to escalate violence within society. The grievance industry pursues this plan-for-failure with the intent of producing more female casualties, because it pays.

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