Monday, October 17, 2011

Algebra for these who don't want to know about it

This week i'm going explore what i have around my house, especially because i have two sisters which one of them is in high school so a barrow her books looking for the "feducation"  education focused promoting girls and ignoring boys, one of the field that women are not yet occupy are these who are very difficult using math, maths move the universe, the group that dominate math is the group that is going to be the greatest, so even now when women are the majority in college men are the ones doing science, engineering,physic etc and of course you need to know about math to do all of these, women don't do math not because they are women, they don't do it because it difficult for their expectation and demand  long time of job, focus and deep thoughts, women choose career when they can have free time and they value social live very much (focus on women), so here there are the pictures from my sister's algebra and trigonometry  

From the cover: women

 7 authors 4 woming 3 men, i wonder if political correctness has something to do with it.

When was the last time you saw a women mowing the lawn?
 Seriously gamer girls, playing gamecube, when casual games didn't exist 
 You go girl
 Girl teach the boy, remember she is naturally smarter than him

 I'm going to keep posting pic from the subway and bus. This is just the firs part of misandry around us i want to keep calling for attention to this issue.

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  1. @MRA "7 authors 4 women 3 men, i wonder if political correctness has something to do with it."

    Yeah, you're probably being sarcastic, but no wondering about it. I automatically assume things like that are PC motivated and, no, I don't give women the benefit of the doubt. Why should I? That don't do that with men, do they? Remember, all men are uncivilized cavemen who hurt babies, right?