Sunday, April 22, 2012

On the cougar culture

If you are into the dating pool, one night stand, long term relationship, flirt etc, you sure have encounter the new trend of matures middle age women, usually +35 but 43-44-45 being the average ages who go on the prowl chasing young men usually -27 for sex.

The typical cougar is divorced, living from alimony, middle-upper class, white, single mom, collecting child support, with teenagers son/daughter (s) and like one of my reader says, are very common and easy to find on bars where many barely legal drinkers men are found.

We have to make two connection here, A) what make young men be interested in a women old enough to be their mother B) what make a middle age women be interested and literally chase young men.

A) Young men are looking for fast, quick one night stand that women their own age don't want to give them, women their own age are looking for their prince shaming who will date her and then just a few moths later proposes marriage, young men don't want that and are avoiding marriage like never before, adding the next particular detail, among the common young man is a some sort of pride to date an older woman and is some sort of "experience every men must live", young men see themselves as "I give that MILF what an old men can't", the "experience every men must live"  is what we get by in into men by early age, on school is very common to look for the hottest teachers, the one with the biggest boobs and the one who wear the shorter skirt, then in high school boys are having their testosterone and hormones pumping like a V12 engine, around 13 and 16 boys are into the "friend's hot mom" topic thanks to the "Stacy's mom" trend, boys see it like the best option, older women have largest breast than young woman, largest hips (remember they already have kids) the things attract young boys, voluptuous large (falling) traits are associated to older women and like the character from American Pie, Finch goes to Stifles's mom when any girls his own age and from his high school did't want to have sex with him after an embarrassing moment on the girls's WC.

You are a young man and get nothing from women your own age......? go to the desperate older women who can give you fast sex.

B) Middle age women common after a divorce or after pursuit a long carer want to get into the dating pool facing an ugly reality, their value in the free sexual market is low as salt to sailor, men their own age are married and/or dating young women with not interest in a woman who make just remember their their wives, so the only option they got is go after the the young men who are just want sex like them and are being rejected by young women making them believe that he is amazing with women just for being with you.

Here is when a big factor comes to the picture, $$$$ money baby, yeah the big coins, older women tend to have savings,  living on retirement and like I say above collecting money from child support and alimony, they use these as a bait to young men who are struggling with financial problems turning the cougar into the suggarmamma, a woman who pays for her "cub"'s lifestyle......
"Yeah, earn those bucks come on earn them"

Which is the only reason many young good looking men go after wealthy older women, because they are easy to attract, it is not surprise that women who hire gigolos and go to men strip clubs are as I describe above, wealthy, white looking for company.....and easy to pay the price of that company.

I personality met males strippers at the gym 5 years ago, who confirm exactly that, young women don't have to go chasing men because their value is high and don't need money to get men they want, when you see this good looking young guy with this middle age woman is because the monetary is flowing from her to him while the sex company goes from him to her.Hollywood couples where women are older than men, women have mush money which is not coincidence, you wont see a young man in Hollywood with money dating a woman old enough to be his mother who doesn't have a penny.

Here is the double standard 

The cougar culture is accepted because is political incorrect to criticize it, we in the MRM don't have problems with what adult are doing with their own consent, let make clear that.

We have troubles with the double standard the cougar culture brings, the cougar culture appears at the same time male sexuality is on debate to criminalize at any opportunity, porn, sex with legal adult young women etc, men didn't create a dating sub culture based on dating young women, men just go and do it, and I'm talking sub culture here for the next reason. after you criminalize male sexuality why not just do what men are being shame for? this is the question and at the same time answer you get from middle age women.

Cougar events         

What could be better that make parties, cruises and other events where older women can look and seek young men? well, you get the "cougar convention", these events are designed for older women look for young men like.....

It is not surprise that all these women on these kinds of events have as mush as skin as possible hanging out, remember what I say about voluptuous large (falling) traits are associated to older women? look how may cleavages you watch on these women.The comments on Youtube are hilarious by the way.

The "I'm going to give you sex" cries all over the place, but remember, these women were hard to get 20-30-40 years ago when their sexual market values was high on the sky, they didn't need to events like these to get a man, they just show up and the men go to her ad they pick up the one they like, now they are the one being selected from the line.

Can you imagine the noise an event like this will make just having the sexes reversed? it will be considered exploitation, prostitution and pedophilia.

  These are the same women screaming every time George Clooney date a woman in her 20, the same women who thinks any men looking at porn specially at young adult women porn star is a criminal who deserve death or be castrate.

When the porn industry was facing many problems regarding child-pornography, webs master and porn studios started selling MILF material for one simple reason, MILF, mature, cougar porn is safe and far away from being considered child-pornography, selling porn videos titles mature, or MILF was safe for keeping the Sexual Trade Union and so-called child protection agency calm, giving the fact that porn in general is mistakenly related to trafficking, selling mature material was the only way web master could keep making some money without being arrested or out of the bushiness completely.

But the stats speaks better than words, according to porn stats in late years, mature material is not on the top of most common terms, it is not even on the list:

2006 Top Adult Search Requests
Search Term
2006 Search Requests2006 % Change2005 % ChangeWeb Pages Containing Keyword (Millions)
Search Term

As you can see, any term related to older women MILF,mature,cougar is not on he list, but teen is most searched, specially by men.

In conclusion, the trends of cougar will keep like now, but is not that we will see now guys in their 20s in college marring a 51 years old girlfriend. The illusion of mature women will keep floating around young men and boys, but that time will pass and when that happen they'll  go back to young women like always.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Women, aging and the ultimate gap, beauty.

Reading the DailyMail days ago I came across an article about the view/feel/ from older women toward younger specially teens.....

Written by Louise Chunn, who also write for TheGuardian, is not surprise that her whole career as a writer is about women-getting-old-fat, a quick search on her articles on Daily Mail archives will take you right there....

The article focuses on the just released movie "Mirror Mirror" a modern version of  the fairy tale "Snow White" starring Julia Roberts (49 years old) as the stepmother and evil jealous witch of Snow White played by Lily Collins (23 years old and clearly look younger and due to that she tends to play teen characters) a 26 years gap.

So lets see here what she is writing....  

Seeing as the old folk tale is up for not just one but two new cinematic versions, one has to ask: is the theme itself — the pathological jealousy felt by the older women when faced with younger competition —  perennial because it is true?

Yes, is true, and what is worse these days, is that the average woman feels jealous just after having her first child, considering teen pregnancy in the Western world is rising like taxes, is common these days to find women just 30 years old feeling jealous of a 15 years old who doesn't have a child to take care about and hasn't lost her young body, in case you haven't notice women are getting old more faster than ever, just Maria Yeater the woman who falsely accused the teen singer Justin Bieber of fathering her child looked to be around 45 in a average picture   that is gross and hard to believe for a woman who is just 20.

She continue... 

We may not feel neutral when we’re put to the comparison test, but by the time you are old enough to have had teenagers yourself — say, over 45 — you will also have gained some perspective on life.

This is nonsense, girl are getting pregnant as young as 14-15-16, the avearage age is 16, when they are 30 they already have teenage daughters, adding single motherhood and a welfare state which means they don't have to face penalty for their action introduced during the 70s and 80s, second wave feminism are having granddaughters to feel jealous about.Women born during the 80s were raised into the early stage of teeange irresponsibility, women don't have to wait until they are +40 to see their daughters star having "fun"
Beauty and youth are valuable commodities, but they are in no way the most precious. Savvy grown-ups also give good health, sanity, friendship and solvency more of a look-in.

She is right, they are not, but women make it the most precious, the way women care about their look and the pursuit for the eternal youth is the way women make their look the center of their personality, tabloids, billions spends on cosmetic treatments, youth is related to health, clean skin, hygiene etc.

 ......friendship and solvency more of a look-in.

A attractive young woman can have all the friends she wants to, and her look gives her the opportunity to get ahead, like a quote that I don't' remember who coined it "a beautiful woman already have half of her live's goals achieved " a quick of knowledge of social network will tell you that.

Most mothers these days are proud of their grown-up daughters (I certainly am), but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel some twinges as they watch their girls come into bloom just as they themselves start to fade.

These feeling is translated into cockblock her daughter's futures male partners, the sexual trade union and feminists want to make it illegal to have sex with any women who (potencials daughters and females related) who is legal adult to have sex but look to be underage, or like California resenlty tried to pass a bill which make student-teacher relationship illegal whatever the age, this is after a case of a mother whose daughter 18 legal adult in the whole country dated her 41 years old teacher. Everything with the purpose to protect and keep their high value in the free sexual market.

Even so, I’d still say most women my age won’t lower themselves to nastiness when dealing with younger women, unless provoked by serious love rivalry (and then all bets are off).

Lie, the biggest rivalry older women face are the young nubile women, middle age men are not interested in women like this  and less interested in wake up next to them. That is why we have a cougar/MILF culture, women going dating guys young enough to be their sons, because they are the only one who will come to them looking for fast/quick sex, one night stands. 

For some women I spoke to, it’s a principle they have adopted because they remember being put down by older women when they were young.
No, far better to face it, and remember that our looks are not — and never have  been — the most defining part of ourselves.

Another lie, women who grew up during the second wave were the first women who most enjoyed the sexual liberation thanks to the male invention the pill, now that they are in the lowest ranked position in the free sexual market, they are the one trying to forbid any interaction young adult women/mature men, and trying to pass bill in order to rise the age of consent.

She finish by writing
No, far better to face it, and remember that our looks are not — and never have  been — the most defining part of ourselves.

Women value themselves and other women according to their look, who are the one reading about red carpet dresses, best dress vs bad dress? who are the one buying gossips magazines about celebrity plastic surgery? who are the one talking about the paparazzi's shoot to a famous woman who was seen not wearing make up? who keep the multimillionaire beauty industry flowing?

Just a bonus, her more related article on TheGuardian 

Coming of age

Yeahhhhhhhhh and the picture she uses is the prime example of a style icon