Monday, February 20, 2012

Crakmedia Limited the company who pay Gawker and the feminists on Jezebel for alleged teen porn.

Fallowing the investigation MRAfront and Theantifeminist on the adverting featured on the "sister" site of Jezebel and Gawker, at MRAfront, the investigation has gone deeper, after all one of the biggest purpose of the MRM is expose feminist as mush as possible.

So who own this site hackedaccount in first place? after an intense research it turned to be a company called Crakmedia Limited, the company owns about 457 domains including: extreme hardcore porn again featuring underage look alike gay porn featuring underage boys look alike a striping-on-webcam site alleged ex-girlfriends porn videos the same as last one but just with black girls the same as a porn directory using the same design as facebook just like the others one but with emo girls.

Everyone of these sites is similar to each other using pictures taken from around the net to make it appear like they have porn videos of these girls, just like hackedaccount, the company has an IP location in the United State however when searching about the company the only one called Crakmedia Limited is in London, England.

The company is even listed into as officials companies in UK:

We don't know if we are talking about the same company, many companies change names around the world.

After a bit we found, an adult social network that collect pictures and movies from their users and use it on anything they want, it is called Beta version what is suspicious for a company who is collecting information since 2010-2-13 and is still on Beta version. If you read our article about the Hackedaccount which belong to Crakmedia Limited too, you'll know one of the girls is a blogger and model from Vietnam which is clear she is not part of this "social network".

Still making money from the same owner.... double price

When you enter fleshbot now the ad from hackedaccount is still there, you'll have to refresh many times to get it, but now we found out that other web site sponsored on fleshbot is owned by Crakmedia Limited too, is there too, it belongs to the same company and  paying Gawker Media and Jezebel money for the space on fleshbot. is basically the same as hackedaccount but is more insistent into making the user register, it say it has videos from webcams and roommate-amateur-style porn.  

Having two ads in the same site make you pay double, Adrian Cheng and the feminists on Jezebel get a good pay from this.

Are we now against porn? of course not, we just want to show the double feminist standard, this kind of pornography-barely legal,hardcore punishment,teen, exposed videos- is the same porn that feminist hate so mush, the porn they want to ban and send every men who watch it (99.99%) to jail and be register as sex offender or predator, the same porn they allege turn men into a addiction, but after all money talk better, they take the money from the same company selling alleged teen and schoolgirls who are just girls around the net that don't know they are being used, the girls feminist say want to protect from the "harm" of pornography.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gawker Media and Jezebel promoting teen pornography.

What started like a simple suggestion on turn to be a total research like I haven't expect before, lets start on February 14, I asked to give his opinion on the fact that Post pubescent girls upload pictures of themselves and then the main sstream media, feminists etc criminalize every men who look at these pictures even when  they don't know the girls are under the age of consent, it was all about "it is men's fault again" I was complaining I used the case of Angie Varona as example, Varona's provocative pictures went online in 2007, over the night turning her into a online sex symbol even adult porn web sites published the picture but, here is the problem Varona now 18  revealed on November 9, 2011, she was just 14 when the pictures were taken and according to her, ruined her live, here is the issue I asked, gives his goods skills on the topic where he did very well in his article

‘Sexualised Pictures of Teenage Girls’

now many websites are guilt of child porn, many men are pedophiles according to the femi-law without even knowing, when the girl's pictures went online the whole internet believed she was 18-19-20, a girl with a size of breast that could easily beat Kim Kardasian's and the a playmate's buttocks anyone thought will  be far from 14 years old.

First she took the pictures herself, upload them to a web sharing site Photobucket which put her in position of guilt too, she is not a victim, When interviewed by ABC she claimed she got hacked, something many including me doubt.

But like the MSM always does, they blame everyone else, keeping the femi-victim in safe spot. Even her parents blame the internet instead  of teaching her
daughter take responsibility for her own actions. Just the way she took the pictures, she posed and was wearing provocative lingerie are the big factor I want to highlight here.

Double standard   

The double standard here is that if she wants to get a abortion at 14 she will be encourage to it being labeled as a mature, responsible, independent young woman capable of take her own decisions and see the deference between right and wrong, but suddenly her picture are online or start dating a mature man when I'm pretty sure a lot of men +30 will date her she is a CHILD incapable of knowing what she is doing.

Child or mature young women? it depends if benefits feminists. 

Do according to feminist=Young woman very mature
Date adult male=Child, innocent infant.

So here I'm done with my explications about Varona's case come back with epic strike here:

Just been doing a bit of research on the company that owns (who Adrian Chen blogs for). As well as Jezebel, the leading feminist website, they own Just taken a look at the front page and what appears to be, at the very least, virtual child porn is showing on the top advertising banner. The banner is advertising to a porn site called HackedAccount.comWARNING – again, this appears to be full of images taken from what are presented as the hacked facebook accounts of teenage girls. Most of the images would be defined as virtual child porn in most countries (even if they are all over 18). There is the standard ‘all models are over 18′ disclaimer at the bottom of the site’s homepage, but most of the ‘models’ genuinely appear to be amateurs (and quite possibly underage).
One ‘model’ in particular was familiar – I’m sure I’ve recognised her as being a big (non pornographic) star in South Korea (famous because of her anime style looks) : 

I’m quite certain she would have not given her consent to her images being used by a porn company to promote their hardcore videos – a company advertising on the front page of a ‘sister’ site to and Jezebel. I’m also fairly sure that she was under 18 at the height of her fame. If any readers can confirm this, please do so in a comment below.

The warning about being explicit adult material is big nonsense.

The site at the time enter, featured the picture of a young Asian girl who look under the legal 18, no matter where the picture was taken the sites where is featured is in USA and that is the point.

I knew who the girl was, she is Elly Tran Ha from Vietnam a blogger and not- pornography 24 years old model. get the conclusion:
So basically that site : is using random images taken from around the net, of girls who they almost certainly do not have ID for, and, claiming that they have hardcore videos starring these girls.
I’ve just taken another look at their homepage – they rotate the images that show – and I’m quite certain that most of the girls appear to be amateur, and some of them clearly appear to be under 18. In which case, the company that owns both and is running a site which makes money from advertising child porn, or at least advertising a site that uses child porn (and the implied promise of child porn) to entice visitors to sign up. Wonder what Adrian Chen or the bitches of Jezebel think of that? Does he know where his wages come from?


So that is how Gawker and the feminist on Jezebel make money.

From wikipedia:

Gawker Media is an American online media company and blog network, founded and owned by Nick Denton based in New York City.

  • - New York City media and gossip

  • Gizmodo - Gadgets and technology

  • Kotaku - Video games

  • Jalopnik - Cars and automotive culture

  • Lifehacker - Productivity tips

  • Deadspin - Sports

  • Jezebel - Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for women (they don't mention the feminist here)

  • io9 - Science fiction

  • Fleshbot - Porn <----------------Our guy is here

  • Gawker.TV

  • Cityfile

  • This is really a big issue here, after searching a bit I came across the news that Fleshbot is in the black list of banned websites in feminist country Australia:
    “Fleshbot appears on the ACMA Blacklist (see Internet censorship in Australia) that was released via Wikileaks on March 20, 2009.[2]”
    So they are shaming male sexuality on jezebel but on the other hand making money from the same porn they want to arrest men for.

    Here the hypocrisy:

    Why Do Men Love ‘Barely Legal’ Porn?

    Shut up you are making money from it, to keep you able to pay the rent!

    When you go to -do it on your own risk- you'll encounter girls who look as young as 13.

    Asking if my neighbor is there, lol, I going to ask Jezebel readers if they are there.

    Note: I censured some pictures in purpose to make the article able to read at work and younger reader. I'm not against porn, in fact MRM and MRA are the biggest supporter porn has got in the lat 15 years.