Monday, February 20, 2012

Crakmedia Limited the company who pay Gawker and the feminists on Jezebel for alleged teen porn.

Fallowing the investigation MRAfront and Theantifeminist on the adverting featured on the "sister" site of Jezebel and Gawker, at MRAfront, the investigation has gone deeper, after all one of the biggest purpose of the MRM is expose feminist as mush as possible.

So who own this site hackedaccount in first place? after an intense research it turned to be a company called Crakmedia Limited, the company owns about 457 domains including: extreme hardcore porn again featuring underage look alike gay porn featuring underage boys look alike a striping-on-webcam site alleged ex-girlfriends porn videos the same as last one but just with black girls the same as a porn directory using the same design as facebook just like the others one but with emo girls.

Everyone of these sites is similar to each other using pictures taken from around the net to make it appear like they have porn videos of these girls, just like hackedaccount, the company has an IP location in the United State however when searching about the company the only one called Crakmedia Limited is in London, England.

The company is even listed into as officials companies in UK:

We don't know if we are talking about the same company, many companies change names around the world.

After a bit we found, an adult social network that collect pictures and movies from their users and use it on anything they want, it is called Beta version what is suspicious for a company who is collecting information since 2010-2-13 and is still on Beta version. If you read our article about the Hackedaccount which belong to Crakmedia Limited too, you'll know one of the girls is a blogger and model from Vietnam which is clear she is not part of this "social network".

Still making money from the same owner.... double price

When you enter fleshbot now the ad from hackedaccount is still there, you'll have to refresh many times to get it, but now we found out that other web site sponsored on fleshbot is owned by Crakmedia Limited too, is there too, it belongs to the same company and  paying Gawker Media and Jezebel money for the space on fleshbot. is basically the same as hackedaccount but is more insistent into making the user register, it say it has videos from webcams and roommate-amateur-style porn.  

Having two ads in the same site make you pay double, Adrian Cheng and the feminists on Jezebel get a good pay from this.

Are we now against porn? of course not, we just want to show the double feminist standard, this kind of pornography-barely legal,hardcore punishment,teen, exposed videos- is the same porn that feminist hate so mush, the porn they want to ban and send every men who watch it (99.99%) to jail and be register as sex offender or predator, the same porn they allege turn men into a addiction, but after all money talk better, they take the money from the same company selling alleged teen and schoolgirls who are just girls around the net that don't know they are being used, the girls feminist say want to protect from the "harm" of pornography.


  1. Shit, nice work! Well now, this could be interesting.

  2. MRA,
    Did you send all this info to Jezebel, or at least did you send a post to them telling them what you (and soon all the MRM) know their 'dirty little hypocritical secret'?

    1. I did and they already know we (MRM) know, as a MRA one of my main concern is to expose the true about feminism, this is just a peace of what I'm (with help from my fellows MRAs)are going to do in the future.

  3. Proof that CrakMedia was advertising on BEFORE Gawker Media sold it (scroll down to see an Advertisement for - another CrakMedia site) :

    The above snapshot is from July 19th 2011.

    1. This is more than useful, Thanks a lot.

  4. When you mention Crakmedia limited are you talking about

  5. Yes. Les ├ęditions Crak Media Network,,, Crakmedia ltd... they are all the same.