Sunday, September 2, 2012

Less Fat Positive,Fat Acceptance More Wake-Up Calls

A woman from UK called Jade Torry shared her history with the world about a visit to Disney in  Florida ,USA, where she experienced the situation of being put in the fat seat, get stuck in the water slice and the platform where people stand to watch, being measured to see if she fits on the rollercoaster, all of this happen while tourist kept staring at her which made her cry the whole trip. she calls this experience "wake-up call", after she went back to UK she joined a slim program,  about a year later Jade was in better form, in the scale, she went from a 1 to a 7.

Fat acceptance is the movement aimed to make chance societal attitudes toward  fat people, or at least that is how is painted, fat apologetic, as I called it, is in the same political concreteness floating in the same boat with feminism, which happens to be very related to chance "social" behavior and nature, there is something in good Jade about when she was fat, she listened the call, she answered she did not pretended to do it, the situation brought her to reality that she was not in good condition, when you are in a well-known place like Disney World where thousands of people from around the world are around you, many coming from places where a 200 pounds person is hard to see while you come from the country with the fattest women in Europe you are able to see what through the eyes of reality, if Jade had been in a fat apologetic place, lets say a feminism meeting, she would have been encouraged to keep her body as it used to be, because after all get in shape is going according to the "patriarchy culture", despite the evidence of heart diseases, diabetes etc, fat apologetic is still a big trend in modern countries, take for example the new "fat pride"

Despite the widespread attitude in many societies that fat bodies aren't sexy, plus-size women can have satisfying sexual relationships if they accept their bodies, a small study finds. Overweight women who feel shame about their weight, however, tend to have less satisfying sex lives.

First, the is not a widespread attitude in societies that fat bodies aren't sexy, fat bodies are not sexy, period, biologically we are programmed to select a shape for reproduction, this is why is impossible find a fat person in tribal societies like in the Amazon.
Second, fat women are not plus size, this trend to call them like that is more fat apologetic, plus means bonus, more or extra of something positive and good, women who really are plus size are women who physical features stick out in a positive sight, women like Christina Hendricks from MadMen really is a plus size, clothes for fat people used to be called "big" or "for fat people"

Christina Hendricks        

Something the scintist should have do in first place, go to Hearttiste:

That’s a nice way of putting it. Fat chicks might be getting a lot of sex, but they are probably not getting a lot of love, if we measure love by signs of male investment and length and intensity of commitment. And for women, happiness and a feeling of success at life is found in love, not sex, the latter of which holds hardly any value for women because it is so easy for them to get, relative to the hoops men have to jump through to get laid.The question of whether fat chicks get more or less sex than slim chicks remains an open one. Unfortunately, I cannot contribute much in the way of anecdotal support for either hypothesis, because my interactions with fat chicks have been extremely limited. By choice. And isn’t that the crux of the whole debate? In a world of real options — real, attainable choice — 99 out of 100 men are going to choose the slender babe over the shambling she-hogEVERYTIME.

In a political concreteness society, these who are assumed to have privileged are forced to appeal and pander those who are considered minority or less privileged, feminism, racism, this apply to fat apologetic too, the world has to accommodate in order to make them feel good, not matter that this encourage large consequence in long and short term, for ALL OF US, for example;

Passenger forced to stand for seven hours on U.S. Airways flight because of 400-POUND man sitting next to him

  • -Arthur Berkowitz flying from Anchorage to Philadelphia
  • -One of longest possible domestic flights without a stop
  • -Said it was dangerous as he couldn't use his seatbelt
  • -Obese man said 'I apologise, I'm your worst nightmare'

Melissa Gorga from the reality "Real Housewives of New Jersey" made a social experiment in 2011 wearing a fat suit in Times Square, NY, which is very similar to Jade's experience in Disney, thousands around you in a touristic place, Melissa experienced similar situation to Jade:

If you think the suit is exaggerated think again

She ends the video saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" which is the same as Jessica Valenti claim
"But this is the problem with teaching young women that the key to happiness and success is self-esteem."
 As Valenti, Gorga gives her fat apologetic claim, which is very easy when she really look like this:

And she keeps her body in good shape by doing what people who want to look good do, go to the gym,workout and eat well:

A beautiful person telling that there is a misconception of beauty to ugly people while doing everything to look in shape investing money and time is like a rich person telling the poor that wealth is not happiness then go back to a private island to enjoy the weekend. good looking people (especially women) sell the next philosophy:

-"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
-"We should tell girls the truth: “Beautiful” is bullshit, a standard created to make women into good consumers, too busy wallowing in self-loathing to notice that we’re second class citizens"
-Girls don't need more self-esteem or feel-good mantras about loving themselves

While having the aptitude of:
"But I'll do everything in purpose to NOT look like you, even if cost me money, time or my live"

Gorga enjoy the easy live of good looking women, reality TV, money, rich husband and of course big house, imagine if Gorga was a real fat woman in the same amount of fatness that wearing the suit, do you think she would have the same lifestyle that she has now?

Of course not, because as I said before, being an ugly woman is the closest thing to be a man, you have to work harder to success. Fat apologetic makes fat people feel good about their unhealthily condition, like encourage and congratulate a person with liver cancer for drinking or a person with just one lung for smoking, feminists have always been very prominent about how women should look, is hypocrite from feminists to have a total campaign against anorexia and the use of Photoshop in ads while obesity is a prominent problem, especially in the most feminist countries, which is reason why feminists countries have the highest number of men seeking foreign wives,  ignoring the elephant in the room of obesity which just in USA is around 64% killing thousands causing diabetes, strokes while anorexia does not kill more than 100 per year.

It is time to stop fat apologizing, like Jade Torry, society must make "wake-up calls", because we are now being forced accept unhealthy lifestyles, everything in purpose to not hurt the feelings of those who are fat, because those who are not in the same condition are being subject of shameful  and unfair treatment (remember the man on the plane above) or making a hate crime call someone fatty, we must pretend that is good being fat not matter the diseases and death rate?  you can't be feminist, fat apologetic and have common sense at the same time. 

The question is, why should someone be proud of being fat? people with diabetes are not proud of it, if they could they'll get rid of it.

From now on when someone really get the motivation to chance their fat lifestyle we refer to it as "waked-up called".

We need more of this:

And less like this:

Thanks to Bernard Chapin for the video

The internet provide us with the fat woman meme. Scumbag Fat Girl 


  1. MRA:
    It's funny how these fat feminist women are always presuming to tell men what WE should and shouldn't find attractive. It's so typical of the superiority complexes these women have.

    They have such a strong sense of entitlement that contributing anything to a man's happiness is considered beneath them.

    For example, have you ever noticed how unfriendly and scowling most feminised women are? It's like it's too much effort for them even to be nice to men.

    1. Because being friendly and kind is too 50s, when women were "forced" to behave in some form, yeah because if you see female' behavior today you'll notice the same immaturity that a 3 years old.

  2. The only reason Gorga is so beautiful and fit is because of her wealth. Wealth affords you time (to work out) and excess spending money (makeup, trainers, getting hair done, plastic surgery, etc). We point to people that the media laud for being beautiful and fit and suggest that everyone could do the same if they had the same "attitude"... however, it's almost never about the attitude.

    First of all, solely attempting to lose weight through weight-loss programs is not shown to be successful. Statistically, vast numbers of those who are fat suffer from social/economic disparaties as well as other variables, such as genetic issues with weight and disabilities. We are battling a problem that we assume is based on people's moral failings and personal flaws, when really it's due to much, much more than that. Not to mention how more negative stigma does not help people with their problems. Try blaming suicidal people on their "flaws" and tell them "it's easy, just don't kill yourself". That's what we're effectively doing (since similar to fat people, their issues are often social/economic/societal/familial/psychological as well). Just do the research instead of listening to the alarmist and individual-blaming media and uninformed friends.

    Here are some starters:
    The Stigma of Obesity - Werner Cahnman
    Bias, Discrimination, and Obesity - Puhl and Brownell

    1. Gorga got that lifestyle for being beautiful and fit, she used to be a stripper before marrying, tell Rosie O'Donnell to do the same.

      Jade Torry's story just proved that weight-loss programs work if people put aptitude to it, for god sake look at the pictures and tell anyone that it dose not work and you'll look like a retard.

      If obesity runs in your genes then you have more reason to avoid it at young age just because your family is fat does not mean you have to be.

      Disabilities, a responsible person would understand that being obese would make their disability worst, disabilities are not excuse to let yourself destroy your body, contrary they should be motivational.

      it's easy, just don't eat the twinkie, do regular work out and sleep well, is called common sense.

  3. You're right. FAT IS NOT SEXY. These hypocrite fat women and fat feministS dont want to do any work nor even take care of their own bodies but they expect men to be attracted to them AND AT THE SAME TIME THEY DEMAND MEN TO KEEP THEMSELVES IN SHAPE AND LOOK GOOD. How many fat guys do you see in Cosmo or other women's magazines? The number ZERO comes to mind. These women are fat hypocrites!
    Also, the commenter on October 9 is simply making excuses. Very few people have genetic issues causing fatness. And it doesnt take wealth to keep off the weight. Look around the world. Even poor countries dont have the number of fatties that some western countries do - especially US / Britian.

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