Monday, September 16, 2013

Men rise value, middle aged, the phoenix from the ashes (a visual example)

I was browsing a site a few days ago dedicated to collections of albums of interesting pictures of random subjects, there, I came across a collection of magazines covers from the 90s and one in particular caught my attention.

This one:

This cover about RDJ was referring to the actor's addiction and constant problem with the law, now this was back in the 90 when RDJ was  early 30s, just look how his life was back then:

If there is something that manosphere and redpill philosophy can teach is that a man can turn his live around and get the better of himself if he put effort into it, we all know what kind of man RDJ is right now, maybe you can tell this is over the top, to use famous rich people to make a comparison but ask yourself this, how many famous rich women have come from the edge of the cliff in their careers, from the ashes to the top of the olympus?

They end up death

In cases like Whitney Houston, she tried to rebuild her career and the only she got was boos 

Some claim is double standard against women in Hollywood......

It appears that if you are a male-celebrity...either in sports of the movie realm you can count on second chances. Not the same however for women. What’s with the double standard?

.....but forget to mention (avoid to mention to not offend the prime target demographic of celebrities's gossips  a.k.a women) that women relay in their youth more that men and women's value just goes down as days pass not matter how mush money they get, they wont become attractive to the opposite sex, the MSM admits this and claim "ageism" but is just simple fact.

Now to respond to the cover magazine from the 90s:

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  1. MRA:
    It's often said that women are the gender that displays the most resilience; but again we see that the exact opposite is true. Men can overcome incredible odds against them, whereas women self-destruct routinely, even when things are going their way.