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Female Porn, Book And Pornstar By Stoya (NSFW)

Is well known in the literature world that romantic novels are the female porn by default and the book Fifty Shades of Grey is in the top selling books outselling Harry Potter, but due to the female mind ,imagination and work they put into giving themselves pleasure, to illustrate this in a more visual set we have the next video Directed by Clayton Cubitt starring the porn star Stoya.

Stoya reads "Necrophilia Variations", the book description from Amazon reads as fallows:

Necrophilia Variations is a literary monograph on the erotic attraction to corpses and death. It consists of a series of texts that, like musical phrases, take up the theme and advance it by means of repetition, contrast, and variation. Written in a style that ranges from the lugubrious to the ludicrous -- from purple prose to black humor -- Necrophilia Variations uses literary means to probe the psychopathology of sexual perversion. Eros, the book asks, is naturally drawn to beauty, and yet nothing would seem to be less inherently beautiful than a cadaver. How is it that a necrophile ends up confusing the two, discovering beauty in what most people would find repugnant? How does he come to desire that which would seem to be intrinsically undesirable? If you have ever contemplated the curious points of contact between eros and thanatos -- if you have ever wondered why femmes fatales are alluring, or why sex can be made more exciting by games that simulate danger and pain, or why that bit of French slang that deems orgasm a "little death" seems so appropriate -- then Necrophilia Variations will be sure to delight you with its depictions of death, desire, and deviance.

Stoya who picked herself the the passage she reads describe her expereince in her Tumblr:(emphasis mine)

"As I start reading, my disbelief is suspended. I forget what is about to happen. The first touch on my thigh sends all available blood to my vulva. I continue to enunciate properly, focusing on the text. I've broken a sweat. If this goes on for much longer my hair will be plastered to my head with perspiration as though I've been working out or engaging in acrobatic man/woman penetrative fucking. I stumble over a word, my concentration breaks as I go back to pronounce it correctly. Neither the Hitachi or the woman wielding it will be denied, but in the interests of art (and because this feels so beautifully filthy I don't want it to stop yet) I hold out as long as I can. This section of the world that I'm inhabiting slows down, zooms in. Like a stretched rubber band it suddenly contracts, and I am lovingly punched with an orgasm."

Hitachi is a company from Japan that manufacturer the Hitachi Magic Wand since the 70s as a massage device then used as a sex toy for many women, due to the popularity among women in Western world the device is just called Hitachi and is sold in sex shops.

After reading this imagine the same situiation in many household around the Anglo speaking world, millions of married mothers (is called Mommy Porn for a reason) doing this.

Check close at 0:31

We can't talk about female sexuality and double standard without always pointing out the next picture


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Jessica Valenti: Pretty Face

One of the biggest lines feminists tell so mush is that women are always taught to do something, this "something" being what feminists don't like females to do because it goes against their credo, feminists like to portray that women are victims of their own choice that an external socioeconomic force make them do it, patriarch, pop culture, internet, men, companies, and in this last rest the biggest of all of them, beauty products companies, you like beauty? we all do, but first, what is beauty for you? your definition of beauty is your freedom, is your personal choice, but what happen when nature interpose between what your consider beauty and you? what do you do when you want others to accept your standard of beauty but they don't?

Jessica Valenti wrote an article for Thenation, The Upside of Ugly, describing the problem of "today standard" of beauty and the subsequent donation of 40K from a Foundation to a girl for not other reason that she was bullied at school for her look. 

But this is the problem with teaching young women that the key to happiness and success is 
There is not such thing as teaching young women that the key to happiness and success is is self-stem, what we have is a lack of control over young women's behavior helped by broken families and a generation of fatherless children, if someone is teaching young women that the key to happiness and success is self-stem is single mothers helped by family courts, we have a generation of young women with same behavior drunk people had decades ago.

Feminists helped to remove the control, taking fathers away the families and punish them if they try to have authority within it, when there is not mentor and control young women are not being teached, they are learning from countless resources without anyone to guide them.Young women are being teached that the key to happiness and success is self-esteem from their own mothers OR they have themselves to blame. But for Valenti this two options leave any outside force and men without guilt at all and  young women as, well, guilty.

We should tell girls the truth: “Beautiful” is bullshit, a standard created to make women into good consumers, too busy wallowing in self-loathing to notice that we’re second class citizens.

There is not an "standard created" about beauty, from centuries muses have been young men and women very fit, the most famous paints and sculptures are made from men and women who today would be still considered beautiful, men are still attracted to same young women as centuries ago and not matter how many they try to sell middle age women as desirable, the same reason why cougars have to parade themselves in front of any man waiting to be picked up, David of Michelangelo is not famous because is fat and out of shape:

Women know from early age in their life that beauty matter a lot in women that is why they try to keep in shape as long as possible and companies make use of this feeling in women, jealously in one woman toward one more beautiful is something that sell and when there is not control in young women about it they will do anything in their lives to get it.

 Girls don't need more self-esteem or feel-good mantras about loving themselves—what they need is a serious dose of righteous anger. But instead of teaching young women to recognize and utilize their very justifiable rage, we tell them to smile and love themselves.
That is impossible without control in their homes, if Valenti wants to help these girls first she needs make primary parent accountable (overwhelming mothers) for their lack of support and bad parenting, but when today mothers are parading their daughter half naked in national TV there is not hope, this righteous anger is being tough in in education system from primary school to college, what Valenti doesn't like is that the choices these girls make are not feminists choices, make women angry and put them against men and themselves, what Valenti does not get is that if pop cultures, plastic surgery industry etc "teach" women to do something then why would be any difference with feminism? if pop culture like music and magazines teach young women to hate themselves then isn't  feminist using women just like the magazines do? feminism just pick the target and women fallow, the target could be men, any political candidate the elite feminist don't like or a radio show presenter, just like magazines put women in position of what they should like and what don't, feminism use women for their own political and economic success, meaning feminism is as bad as the the outside forces they try to fight so mush, what they don't like is that they have to share the cake, they want it for them and nobody else, because they were the one that destroyed the control that was prevalent for centuries

 When I was younger I begged my parents to let me get a nose job. Like Ilse, I was taunted at school and hated my nose so thoroughly I was sure my face was an affront to the people around me. My parents, to their credit, never considered letting me have surgery. They simply assured me I was beautiful the way I was. But here’s the thing: I knew that wasn’t true. I was a smart kid, and I realized that compared to what was considered beautiful, I was absolutely awkward-looking.
Anyone who reads what she writes here would believe that Valenti is not like that kind of women who goes around using their sexappeal as weapon, Valenti knows that she is good looking compared to the average feminists, she is the mainstream feminist, the pretty face on media when there is a need for feminists on TV,same thing happen with Amanda Marcotte and most recent Sandra Fluke, proving that even feminists know that beauty sells, they wont put an ugly woman in the front because would feed the stereotypical (?) perception that feminists are ugly women, even in the 70s Gloria Steinem was the face of feminism and not Andrea Dworkin or Valerie Solanas , Steinem was so good looking that she was hired by Playboy as a bunny while working are as writer:

Gloria Steinem

Andrea Dworkin

This is the reason why Steinem is most-well known than Dworkin and other ugly and fats feminists from the same period of time, because they sell a pretty face of feminism like a magazine does, Valenti knows this and she tries to look good as mush as possible, that makes her excel among others not so good looking feminists, when Valenti knows she has the power of beauty among feminists she uses because she knows how to. 

Source avoiceformen

Women using their bodies for men gratification (?) is what they find wrong, beautiful women have the easiest  life compared to ugly women, from school but specially during high school this is common when boys an girls star maturing, if a girl wants to be cheerleader she has to in be in shape first and  look good 24/7 second, after she accomplishes that, she will have every men she wants to, the captain from the school team and never the nerd, the same happens in the rest of the world and every stage of women's life, in porn the most famous actress are the best looking of them, even though in recent years categories in porn have been increasing adding fat women AKA BBW, old women MILF and "Mature" but is the young good body who enjoy the fame and money.

To illustrated this point I will use one recent example

This year Sarah Robles, an American weightlifter who despite her good performance, lives in poverty  

Weightlifter Sarah Robles is an incredible athlete, but outside the world of squats and snatches, barely anyone knows her name. And even though she's the U.S.’s best chance at an Olympic medal, she'll never get the fame or fortune that come so easily to her fellow athletes — in part because, at 5 feet, 10.5 inches and 275 pounds, she doesn't fit the ideal of thin, toned athletic beauty.

“You can get that sponsorship if you’re a super-built guy or a girl who looks good in a bikini. But not if you’re a girl who’s built like a guy,” she says. The 23-year-old from California became the highest ranked weightlifter in the country last year after placing 11th at the world championships, beating out every male and female American on the roster. On her best day, she can lift more than 568 pounds — that’s roughly five IKEA couches, 65 gallons of milk, or one large adult male lion.

              But that doesn't mean much when it comes to signing the endorsement deals that could pay the bills. Track star Lolo Jones, 29, soccer player Alex Morgan, 22, and swimmer Natalie Coughlin, 29, are natural television stars with camera-friendly good looks and slim, muscular figures. But women weightlifters aren't go-tos when Sports Illustrated is looking for athletes to model body paint in the swimsuit issue. They don’t collaborate with Cole Haan on accessories lines and sit next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week, like tennis beauty Maria Sharapova.

And male weightlifters often get their sponsorships from supplements or diet pills, because their buff, ripped bodies align with male beauty ideals. Men on diet pills want to look like weightlifters — most women would rather not.
The Strongest Woman In America Lives In Poverty

In the other side we have Michelle Jenneke, an Australian hurdler who became famous after someone edited and upload a video of her while warming up before a race in Barcelona started

The video has already 16 million of views in less than a month, Jenneke is now a internet sensation,the attention was so big that she got an offer from to pose nude in exchange of donating money for Australia Sport Commission: is offering a “sizable donation” to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) if athlete Michelle Jenneke agrees to pose nude for an exclusive photo shoot...
If Jenneke accepts the offer, said it will donate an undisclosed sum to the ASC, pending negotiations with her and her representation. The ASC is an authority within the Australian government that provides financial support and other assistance to national sporting organizations.

Rising Track Star Michelle Jenneke Draws Nude Offer from

In the same sport as Robles is Samantha Wright a cute blonde blue-eyed petite girl, who from nowhere became famous after 4chan started sharing animated gifs of her while lifting,as someone in the comments suggested she looks like a lovechild of Hulk and Tinkerbell.

The Internet Has A Huge Crush On This Female Weightlifter

After you take a look at their pictures you can guess why the difference in their acceptance among the public:

Sarah Robles

Michelle Jenneke

Samantha Wright

Is unfair that Robles does not enjoy the same amount of popularity than Jenneke and Wright despite her performance but from an adverting point of view is total reasonable, you can't sell a product to women using Robles, because women don't want to look like Robles and her body does not attract male's attention.

Can you see the irony? Two unknown women in sport become internet sensations because they look good and one get an offer to pose nude for money but a more stronger woman is living in poverty and can't get sponsor because is not feminine enough and nobody know her name. 

Despite the example above feminism is still trying to impose its own beauty concept of overweight bad dressed women calling themselves "fat positive", when young women see the life of beautiful women get for being cute attractive they know they have to look the best they can because being an ugly woman is the closest thing to be a man, you have to work harder to success.

Modern science has made possible millions of women could look good which was impossible or dangerous before modern medicine.

Valenti as many other feminists does not want to admit that women are the first target of  objectification by other women, if Robles appears wearing a bikini in a ad for a soda that are so common during the summer, women would be the first in the line to criticize her, without doubts the girl who got 40K for her surgery was being bullied by other girls, is easy for Valenti comes and portray herself as a victim of bullying when she is now the pretty face of feminism.

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Drunk Women Can Consent Sex........(?)

Thanks to Bernard Chapin for making the video and let his viewers know about this problem,

Here is the problem folks, Australian women, specially young white one are getting drunk specially during weekends, they are giving orders and instructions to the drivers whom are not listening or obeying.

The DailyTelegraph report the news with the headline "Culture clash as chicks vs cabbies"

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Metropolitan Museum of Art: Displaying jailbaits in 3D? Male Sexuality and Muses.

Choking by the title? well that was my first impression after attending Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, the first representation of human body we saw was this: 

Of course we are not applying this is child pornography, We are using the modern definition of such term and applying it to old art, meaning all old artists in general were some kind of sicks perverts for using underage for their sculptures. This is an implication from the "modern" point of view of society.

At the times these masterpiece were made the, models or muses as they were called, were considered young women, not children, kids. toddlers, there were many stages of every human body:
 infant-->toddler-->childhood-->pre-pubescent-->post-pubescent,-->adulthood-->elderly/old age. 

That is why many teen specially young men in their 12-13 were working in coal mines or fighting in war, because they were considered young men and were responsible/accountable for their family and country well being or at least that was what the elite high status politicians men told them. 


Yes they were underage but underage from the modern concept of adulthood and age of consent, many old pictures shows young men at the same age were smoking and going to brothel, which was the common way to loss virginity for men, they were coached by fathers whom were old customers of the brothels.

The aspect of male sexuality are portrayed into arts all the times, young women were used for inspiration of countless songs (ever wondered why so many songs have women's names but is hard to find songs with males's names?) and men are more visual than women, artists like pretty women, youth is related to beauty, fertility cleanses and a great etc.......

Like a famous saying "youth divine treasure"

The woman in this picture is Jeanne Roques, better known by her stage name Musidora.

Born Jeanne Roques in Paris, France and raised by a feminist mother and socialist father, Musidora began her career in the arts at an early age, writing her first novel at the age of fifteen and acting on the stage with the likes of Colette, one of her lifelong friends. During the very early years of French cinema Musidora began a professional collaboration with the highly successful French film director Louis Feuillade. But her first movie was Les miseres de l'aiguille, directed by Raphael Clamour in January 1914.

But if you think the art was about just young women (any feminists complaining about about sexualisation of young girls in the room?) young men were also used for arts but the no in great number as women.

In case you have not gone I will encourage you to go, the collection is huge, this is just one of the many large hallway, because of time we could not take as many picture as we wanted, but with more MRAs going in different cities and different museum we can get a big collection of art. 

In our"modern" times no man but no man could make a sculpture like this and expected to be taken seriously, in fact any man who dares to do it will be arrested and register as pedophile, child pornography for life with up to 10 years in jail. In the past they were considered artists, now they would be labeled as sicks criminals. 

These sculptures are free to watch, and there is not age limits for attending, schools,children and high schools students tend to be the majority of goers, one would ask, why is acceptable to have these in museums for public display and be considered art but is illegal for a young women to do the same in internet? considering in modern times there is not sculptor or painter, they make their own work with cellphones and webcam.

Lets try a visual exercise to try to explain better:
Milley Cyrus, picture by photographer Annie Leibovitz

Any men would be considered educated and and polite for having Musidora in their walls but god better have mercy for the male soul who dare to put Cyrus in a wall as poster.

I give you Ă‰douard-Henri Avril's gallery on Google imagesÉdouard's paint was the most featured paint in the "sex education" section in Wikipedia days ago and yes he is a artist.

The famous photographer David Hamilton was labeled as child pornographer because of his work of young women:

"David Hamilton (London, 15 April 1933) is a British-born French photographer and occasional film director most known for his images of young women."

Controversy: As much of Hamilton's work depicts early-teen girls, often nude, he has been the subject of some controversy and even child pornography allegations, similar to that which the work of Sally Mann and Jock Sturges have attracted. In the late 1990s, some people protested against bookstores that stocked Hamilton's photography books but their efforts came to nothing. This negative attention originated mostly from North America and Britain. As The Guardian wrote, "Hamilton's photographs have long been at the forefront of the "is it art or pornography?" debate.[3]In 2005, Glenn Holland, Hamilton's spokesman, said: "We are deeply saddened and disappointed by this, as David is one of the most successful art photographers the world has ever known. His books have sold millions".[3]"

Emphasis mine 

The issue with young women is not different in sex and male sexuality, in porn is very well known among webmaster that websites that feature young women barely legal (18 years old) are constantly being monitored for child pornography, the same is with sites selling ads like a recently federal ban

Feminists's laws to imposes and preserve their sexual value market as long as possible have in its core two philosophy a)forbid by laws and legal penalty sexual relationship between post-pubescent young women and older men, b)shame male sexuality specially when related to sex with post-pubescent young women like Illinois where the age of consent is 17, you can have sex but take pictures of the young women you are having sex is illegal .Even though thanks to technology post-pubescent young women are displaying themselves all over the internet, but is men and outside forces who are blamed for it, when young women post pictures on internet half naked she exercises her right over her body, but she is portrayed as victim of men by mainstream media, politicians, and social workers. The "jailbait" as is better known for young women under the age of consent on internet, sells very well in porn, the term "teen"is one the most searched terms in porn and many porn stars make a lot of money thanks to the fact that they look like teens.

I'll show you some porn stars that look like teens right here, don't worry they are fully clothed, but I want you to guess their age first by just watching their pictures:

1 Lil Candy:

2 Amai Liu

3 Lupe Fuentez

 4 Sunny Lane


Lil Candy born 07-09-1989, 23 years old

Amai Liu born 02-08-1990, 22 years old

Lupe Fuetez born 01-27-1987, 24 years old

Sunny Lane born 03-02-1980, 32 years old

As you can see, all this porn star are no even barely legal, they are in their early,mid 20s and early 30s,they exploit their "teen" look as mush as they can, Amai Lau's official website has the motto "I'm the teen you've been dreaming all this time!", but could get any man in jail if someone catch him watching their videos or in possession of it, in 2010 Lupe Fuentes helped one of her fans for going to jail accused of child pornography in Puerto Rico:

Colombian-born Spanish porn star Lupe Fuentes is 4'9, weighs just 79 pounds, and, early in her career, was marketed as "Little Lupe" and "the world's youngest-looking porn star" in the world of "barely legal" adult entertainment, cashing in on the fact that she appeared underage.But, as prosecutors in a San Juan, Puerto Rico court learned last week, Lupe is indeed legal, and was when her first adult films were made:Last week she travelled to Puerto Rico to make a personal appearance in court on April 7 to help the defense case of Carlos Simon-Timmerman, a New Yorker charged with possession of child pornography and transportation of images involving minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct after Little Lupe the Innocent and other adult DVDs were seized from his luggage during a stop-over in Puerto Rico on his way home from a trip to Venezuela. Fuentes was 19 when the film was made, in 2007, and she had the documents to prove it.
emphasis mine

The man was arrested and spend 2 months in jail because "experts" say she was underage but they never thought to do something so easy as Google her name and verify her age, considering her name was on the DVD and many websites like (Internet Adult Film Database) have information of thousands of porn star.

The issue is not just about age of consent anymore, is about look, the young look to put in jail this man, "experts" use what is called Tanner Scale which is based solely in the appearance of the individual. and has been criticized by the porn industry.

In 2007 ABC ran a history about Sunny Lane's career in its show "The Outsider" where she defended her carer and the decision of her parents to be her manager. yes you read that right, her carer is manage by her parents.

In the first video there is a insinuation about her portrayed as underage, little girl and innocent 
at 00:54

Lane worked as a prostitute in the famous Bunny Ranch, the brothel made famous by  HBO's Cathouse, and she is still available for booking as you can see in the link, one of the picture she is dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, it shows how mush she exploits her teen, innocent look too.

Here is a short (safe for work) clip from a porn video, when she portrays a schoolgirl. 

On 07-19-2009 Peruvian TV interviewed Lane, is the best interview she has given while on the Bunny Ranch, starts at 00:25.

Amai Liu is Hawaiian born, as many people knows Hawaii has many influence from Asia and Asians tend to look very young for their age from a western point of view, as is notable in Liu's body, she is short, skinny with long black hair, her information reads as fallows:

Height4 feet, 10 inches (147 cm)
Weight74 lbs (34 kg)

Companies like X-ART,Met-art and Hegre-art have made millions selling porn of women in their 18 or mid 20s whom look like total teenagers with a simple tactic, no tattoos, breast implants or other plastic feature, natural hair not wigs, natural color of hair and slim bodies. All this materialistic stuff most women do is just make them look older.

Little Caprice who is one of the most famous porn stars in the area of "glamour-porn" she has worked for X-ART,Hegre-art and Med-art is the biggest representation of "glamour-porn", she also sell herself under the "jailbait" category.

Searching information about all these companies and their porn stars, they are mostly not from USA, Canada or UK, in Caprice case for example she is from Czech Republic, when you have a country like UK, with the fattest women in Europe  which is the possible reason behind MPs to make a crime or hate crime call someone (women) fat I'm sure Czech Republic and Ukraine don't have that problem , women in USA being internationally famous for their overweight bodies and the fact that fat makes anyone look older than they actuality are, of course sell porn of women with attractive slims naturals bodies and the opposite of what men see in their countries you are gonna make money, did you notice the pattern of these companies to use the termination "art"? is it not coincidence, is what they sell.

You can see their galley here (NSFW)

In the Tanner Scale Caprice, Liu and many would be considered underage, a child and so would be any Asians women from Japan,South Korea,China, Thailand, Philippine etc. But is the common appearance for Asian women and this is still the common in art like anime.

And here is Masako Mizutani Japanese 43 years old housewife who became famous after a TV interview about cosmetic treatment.

If your are thinking that is just makeup, look here she is with no makeup on.

As you can see in the following timeline, she has not chance a bit since her younger years. 

If you jump from 20 to 30 in western women's timeline you can see how bad they age thanks to their lifestyle like junk-food smoking and alcohol, which is the reason why so many men have troubles remembering women after many year without seeing each other, many women become overweight after they hit the 25. You can see this in social media like Facebook, women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s put pictures from years when they were younger or Photoshop some new ones.

The issue with the underage look took legal penalty in Australia where publications featuring women with small breast are banned, arguing that this tend to incentive child pornography:

How can this be happeningThe National Classification Code dictates that anything that describes or depicts a person who is,or appears to be, a child under 18 (whether the person is engaged in sexual activity or not) in a way that is likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult is Refused Classification.
State Crime Acts are also similar. Victoria’s Criminal Code includes the ‘or appears to be’ clause in its definition of child pornography and it doesn’t need to cause offence to a reasonable adult for it to be illegal.
Source   Source
1-Does this mean that real underage young women that look +18 or have large breast are able to perform in adult publication?
2-Does this mean that only big breast women are considered adult?
3-Does this mean that men that are attracted to small breast or a small breasted women are pedophiles?
4-Does this mean that after a young women turn 18 she musts get a breast augmented in order to be an adult?

The issue goes beyond any reasonable explication, we have been building ours arts and men have always been attracted to young women from the beginning of human race but after decades of legal penalties men found a new and legal form of sex with young women which is being penalize too. Feminists are advocating for ban and penalize prostitution and rise the age from 18 to 21 in UK and many countries,Sweden allows women to sell sex but penalize men for buying it.

Should be illegal to buy sex from a young adult? (TV debate)
From the video:

Former call-girl: "girls 18-20 are not mentally stable" 
1-Is she suggesting women are mentally handicap until they turn a certain age?
2-If so, then why are they allow to vote at 18,work, study, have a abortion paid by taxes, go to war, run for political and private position?

The motive for cockblock men from young women is simple, preserve as mush as possible the sexual market value of older women, after decades of penalization, older women found a new light at the end of the tunnel, they knew the mush men are forbid for having sex with younger women the mush they become the "new barely legal" is hard to find a middle age women whom is not in favor to rise the age of consents, why should they? the only social acceptable women men could get in order to not get shammed would be them, any age gap between older men young women is considered  sick, creepy or perverted, like Hugh Hefner and his girlfriend Crystal Harris,an age gap of 60 years but she is not a child, she is a adult 24 years old women.

After older women knew that they could be on the "desirable-list" again they started a new culture of cougars, MILF as are known older women whom date young men.

The fallowing billboard is displayed in Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, for the dating website aimed to old women whom want to date younger men

And the next is featured in many porn web sites.

Elissa Buchter, spokeswoman for Cougar Life and a cougar herself, told The Huffington Post that the billboard is the first of more the company hopes to put up in Hollywood and West Hollywood. The company is targeting the area, Buchter said, because it is the national "cougar capital" -- with more Cougar Life members in the 90069 zip code than anywhere else in the U.S. Regarding the term "mother f*ckers," she commented, "The majority of cougars are single moms. And we thought it'd be a good way to get their attention and make a splash."
Emphasis mine

Now consider what she says and the following ads, featured in the same porn sites:

If you have read our article about the cougar culture you already know how it works

Middle age women common after a divorce or after pursuit a long carer want to get into the dating pool facing an ugly reality, their value in the free sexual market is low as salt to sailor, men their own age are married and/or dating young women with not interest in a woman who make just remember their their wives, so the only option they got is go after the the young men who are just want sex like them and are being rejected by young women making them believe that he is amazing with women just for being with you.

The same thing happens in Hollywood where middle age women are considered "hot", "hottest in the world" or "sexy".

Men know that women hate the younger than them envying them at the same time even if the younger one is her daughter, young women are considered smarter, and better than men in any aspect but as soon this is sex or selling sex they are helpless victim "not mentally stable" of what they are doing, which can by apply to sculptures and paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and many around the world, they did not know what they were doing they were victims in some way or another, this is of course from the our "modern" point of view of sosiety.