Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Woman’s gotta know … her limitations

Reading Avoiceformen  I get this, a women "firefighter" "doing her job" and how pathetic was her performance risking lives on name of political corrected, what happen is women this days are not accepting a no as an answer specially requesting for a job, If you look close around you will see more women working that men but when there is something wrong is a man who have to fix it.

Here an example: when you walk into a private or public department you'll see yourself surrounded by women, women everywhere, this departments have computers which is being used by women, ok until here everything ok, well women are taking the planet ruling the world you'll say, but when the system is down, the computer crash or she clicks the wrong link is a man who have the duty of keeping the everything in order and working: technical support.

Well women can become technical about computers but they don't want to, when we are talking about lives is a big deal is the biggest deal ever, when you need some specific skill to performance a job is something very different to just read books and intellectual aptitude, when a person need some physical skill to performance a job and biologically doesn't suit, it is not it is nobody's fault , I say again it is nobody's fault.

When women want a job she demands to be hired not matter what, here is the problem, there are jobs which demand strong muscle, it is not men's fault we are physical stronger that women, when in the gym a man have 2 weeks lifting weights he is gonna get stronger that a women lifting the same weights for o1 month, this is how nature work, and not, it is not sexist, it is a fact. when women want to be "firefighter" they are suppose to save lives not pretend to be strong or capable, that is something you have to do during training not in a burning building with a family of 5 screaming in the closet.

If there are person who fainted you have to carry them (just like the picture but with a hell around you) and if we talk about adult person or disable person you need big and strong arms and legs.

Imagine climbing the stairs carrying a big and wide hose and then coming down carrying a 45 years old and 185 pounds man, can you imagine a woman who can't do it during training how is she suppose to do it under pressure?

Well every MRA know how to handle something very tough and I'm talking about woman too, women in the MRM know there are jobs which are for men and just for men, men don't do these dirty and dangerous jobs just because they like it, they do these jobs because they are the only capable doing it, it is like saying tall men are more capable that short men in basketball is this discrimination against short men? not, it calls skills for the job, let me do it this way, short men are more capable riding racehorse and that it is not discrimination against tall men.

Political corrected government and feminist are risking lives putting women in men's position who cant carry a body out the building, wasting millions training them just because they think they can do it, a "firefighter" is suppose to save live not putting in more danger and a women "firefighter" is more danger for the people burning, her coworker and herself.

Lower the standard so women can  be hired is the prove that   men and women are not the same.

This is the best of feminist hypocrisy, they demand low the standard for women in the army, police and fire department  etc so everything about equality is forgotten here, if they think women are so strong and capable as men or better they should keep the standard equal just like men or harder for women if they want to prove they do it better, but women get head start in western society and they say they are oppressed.

Low standard
Women are hired
Women can't do it like men
Women are keep out of danger
Women get paid the same like men
Woman get promotion like men
Women get the more attention from media
Women are better that men 

Feminist Logic.


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