Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why feminist don't demand protection for pregnant women from attacks to remove the baby?

Yeah, why? after all they fight for protection of women , well is very easy, if you look the attacks against pregnant women to remove the baby  you'll see they are committed mostly by women or by men hired by women with the same motive than most women -have a child not matter what-...

There are two people involved in these kind of crime that are victim, the mother and the baby (s), the mother because she is carrying what female criminal wants, the womb becomes the "purse with money" so females criminals don't care about the mother after all they know they have to hit her, tight her,cut her, open her and other monstrous things that just Jason and Jack the Ripper would like to know about it.

The baby, if is "lucky"(?) is going to live but there is a big probability that he/she is not going to, the female criminal don't care how many weeks the mothers is, they just pick up a random pregnant women they see walking the street, they are hunting, yes just like that if you are going to look on the street for a random person carrying what you want but you have to open her then you are not different from a hunter who is going to dissection an animal.

The horrible case Annette Morales-Rodriguez  (picture) who hunted a pregnant women, hit her with a baseball bat then remove by force the baby from the womb make any person shiver.

The victim Maritza Ramirez-Cruz who was 32-42 weeks have three other children who now have not a mother.

Wait, what about the man?
Yeah, the husband and father now have to raise his children alone he lost his wife and of course we know there is not help for single dads.  

Protection for women, for feminist protection means for women from men, never reverse never female-female even though the evidence of lesbian couples having the same problems feminist say come from men.

When there is a man involved then they act, when they see pregnant women being beaten by her boyfriend or husband they act, march, proclaim, fight etc, cause that is going to became a big income,shelters doctors, psychology, media, who happen to be feminist or withe knights, then we have women being the ones who attend to kill other women and steal her baby, feminist stop right here, they know portrayed  women as the bad ones is not good to the business.

That is your answer, feminist don't demand protection for a group even tough if they are the women they pretend to being fighting for, you don't see  them demand enforce the law for these kind of crime because women will be punish for their brutality crimes, you don't see the family court fighting for the best interest of the child when he/she is more vulnerable >>>in the mother's womb<<<.

The feminist effort to avoid any portray of women as the bad ones is becoming harder, people are waking up they don't take "women good men bad" "shelosophy " thanks to internet and MRM who is doing an great work, Register-her is growing, false accuser are being published with picture,female murders are not growing they always had been the same but now they can't hide it anymore and nothing can't stop the true when is right there.

Use logic and you'll have feminist owned.

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