Friday, October 7, 2011

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'She was hot and got good ratings': Fox News chairman says he hired Sarah Palin because he liked her looks 

This is why women are hired in first place and they knew it all the time, this is why you see hot female sport reporter and but fat and bald male reporter because nobody care how the man look, he a good reporter but women are just pretty faces, I wrote about it here.

Woman hurled her granddaughter, two, to her death from bridge - because she was upset child was illegitimate   Notice the word "killer" and "murder" are missing. "Dela Rosa's lawyers claimed she did not know right from wrong and had been suffering from severe depression."

Remember women are strong independent more rational than men unless they did something wrong specially a crime, they never knew right from wrong just like a toddler. that is why MRAs always say feminist had persuaded the system so women are treated like oversize children because that is what they have became.

The Nobel women: Africa's first elected female president, tireless Yemeni activist and the campaigner who organised a sex strike share Peace Prize Yeah, while women "fight" "mobilized" and "protest" the men of this same countries are the ones who really is fighting for justice.

How many women you see in these videos?

But remember women and children are affected worse according to them but you can see in this video men are the ones being beat on the street but women are the ones who are more affected when the video clearly say "hidden in a school" 
Men fight die, women cook and are at hospitals.

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