Monday, June 10, 2013

The live and privilege of feminists.

The whole mansosphere is clear about the feminists's common pattern of upper class women but for too many people that is still a "straw feminist" mantra, wanting to make a visual point about it I went around social media, here I'll show you the life of feminists through their own eyes:

The live of feminists

Lets start with Women's Media Center

The only people I know can enjoy Moet (or any other brand of alcohol) while working are big CEOs and men from the '50 like Don Drapper, now alcohol is banned in many companies and organisations, would be good to the feminists to lead by example, if you hate the '50 so mush the first thing they should do is not behave like the men they dislike:

When alcohol was banned from the workplace was in purpose to protect women from sexual assault and bosses "taking advantage" of drunk secretaries, this of course was not real, as Tea club for men or cigar clubs, this was common for men back then, now just the wealthy can afford. 

Then we have the biggest jaw, Amanda Marcotte, who apparently  spend her live between concerts and cats, yeah cats

Jessica Valenti? well, I did something about her not so long ago, but lets remember a bit of it:

Now from her tweeter 

You'd say, there is nothing wrong with these pictures of her daughter, and you are right, but look from a red pill point of view, her neighborhood looks safe and secure enough for her and children go around the park, one thing very common among feminists is that for one side they claim for tolerance and multiculturalism but try to live as far as they can from the ghetto, even the ducks in the park look good and the park itself clean, try to go to  some parks in the Bronx around the projects and you'd find condoms, syringes, drugs (yeah you can find many plastic coated pills on the floor) and you know why she does not need a man strong enought to keep her and her child safe? because her class status and  Big Daddy gov provide such protection.

Now the queen of fat acceptance, Lindy West:

For someone who complain her entire life about fat shaming and Sexualization of women she would know better about not exploiting men in her twitter banner picture

Women across social class can support feminism but how they are afected by it in the end is what matters to the upper class, their lives is an upper-class privilege bubble, they already come from a wealthy family, therefore the need for resource is not as big as an under class women in the ghetto, they both can support feminist causes like Planned Parenthood but for the underclass the problem of ditching men all together at the same time that men avoid commitment (MGTW) and limit the money they produce will cause a collapse in the gov service that extract money from those already-gone men, look at Detroit, women have to sell their bodies, are toothless this is what women brought to themselves, remember Detroit is on the top of liberal cities, liberal and feminists killed the car/factories industry pushing for regulations, as many men were getting good money back then was tasty for the feminism crowd to transfer the money from those men and give it to women, what did they get at the end?, when young privileged feminists like Valenti claim and encourage underclass women to ditch men while the old spinsters are lobbying passing laws to transfer money male to female they do it because they know that when the collapse happens they wont be one of the many women selling the ass in the truck stop.

This is why feminism and liberalism is so hard to be accepted in many countries and just the upper class can afford, go to the Caribbean and tell women they can ditch men when a hurricane category 4 is coming in 2 days ,feminism can only be accepted when there is a big destruction of family,social security provided by the state and there is enough money to transfer from men to women.

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  1. MRA Front:
    Excellent observations. Most of these feminists also can preach loudly about female entitlement when they have been entitled most all their lives.

    It's interesting what you mentioned about the Caribbean. When I've been in Latin America, most feminist women are from upper-class families and educated in America---the majority of women though despise such feminists and believe them to be closeted lesbians (The pictures of Jessica Valenti certainly wouldn't do much to dispel that suspicion, BTW).