Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hitman Absolution: bringing equality to the gaming world

The E3 Expo, the biggest Video Game convention just happened this week with the major company in the industry showing their latest products for the next holiday and next year, being a multimillions industry predominantly for men feminists could't lets this happen without some sort of "you hate women" accusation .

The whole gaming world is considered misogynist by feminist and these convention being the biggest in the world is some sort of "men who hate women convention in the virtual world" for them, it is not the first time they do this, they have done the same with the ComicCon or even the CES in Las Vegas.

What this year take considered women hatred is the latest trailer for the Hitman franchise by IO Interactive Hitman Absolution: Attack of the Saints presented during the E3 Expo 2012, the trailer shows cinematic Agent 47 cleaning his wounds in the middle of the deserted motel, suddenly 8 nuns walking from a school bus toward the motel while Agent 47 put his clothes on, the nuns reveal their sexy leather outfit and guns to the teeth while one of them (the only black nun)  shoot a rocket launcher toward Agent 47's room destroying the whole building.

Suddenly this was picked up by TheGuardian, MirrorNews and even the  
Gaming site IGN, I don't have to say mush about how gamers and comunity in general reacted, just reading the most up voted comments on every one of these article can put very clear how the "misogynistic" accusation are debunked very easily with common sense in 2 or 3 paragraphs.

Here I'm going to use the same comments to debunk these causation saving you time so you don't have to look though all of them, then I'l make some comparisons and analysis about the gaming world.


  • HarryBong
    1 June 2012 3:07PM
    It's ok Grant, it's not real.
    It's a game, and is just pretend. Nobody got hurt making it. Nobody is forced to play it. The series isn't actually that popular anyway.
    • billysbar
      1 June 2012 3:12PM
      Either way, we can pretty much all agree that the imagery of a hero killing fetishised women is a questionable thing.
      Not so fast there, game boy!
      • metalvendetta
        1 June 2012 3:20PM
        Or to put it another way, spare me your tedious moralising. If I want to play a computer game where I get to kill fitishised nuns, I will. It's got a big 18 sticker on it and I'm an adult.
        • thetrashheap
          1 June 2012 3:28PM
          Lol, you not a bit young to have turned into your parents already.
          It's fantasy. Fantasy violence and fantasy women.
          This is were the chatering classes get alll mixed up. This is as simple as males enjoying abit of imaginary violence and imaginary sexy women.
          Then the chattering classes turn it into some sort of social commentary. The priests I had teaching me sex education, couldn't tell the difference between sexual fantasy and sexual act. They came up with the ridiulous notion of impure thoughts.
          If a person blows off somebodies head with a shot gun in a computer game it does not mean he wants to do it in real life. If a person gets in a fight with 40 fetish nuns in fantasy it doesn't mean he wants to do it it in real life. It's not that hard to understand.
          • Valten78
            1 June 2012 3:37PM
            Actually one thing that occurs to me is that these women weren’t exactly innocent bystanders. There were armed, dangerous and coming specifically to kill Agent 47.
            If anything feminists should be praising Agent 47 for his willingness to see past gender stereotypes. He subjects anyone trying to kill him to an equally brutal response. Now thats equality!
            • Excession77
              1 June 2012 3:40PM
              I don't want to state the obvious here but they clearly aren't actually nuns of any recognised order. Rather they are a 'goon squad' as per camp 60s Batman or Kill Bill.
              They also appear to be trying to kill the hero with a rocket launcher and guns at the beginning so I'm not sure you can really represent this as 'violence against women' in the sense we normally mean it. I'm not clear on the sexual politics of this but I think at least half the time you'll be accused of taking the wrong line here, as in, whats your problem Howitt, you think women are just princesses to be rescued by your big strong joystick manipulating hands? The Sexy Assassin Question is to be fair a vexed one with no resolution on the horizon as to whether its to be applauded (ass-kicking empowerment) or banned (offensive sexual fantasy).
              Either way, I think its a bit odd to demand a politically correct murder simulator.
              You want to pretend to go around stabbing, strangling and blowing up, its just you only want to do it to certain people? There is a philosophical term for this I can't remember, but your error is your opening assumption here and it renders anything else you say redundant.
              • philipphilip99
                1 June 2012 3:47PM
                Yes, the fantasy in this game is ridiculous. It's time the games publishers gave the public what they really want - The Accountant: Final Audit, Used Car Salesman: Last Clio in Coventry, The Journalist: Missing The Point IV.

                As you the long post of 6 paragraphs is easily debunked by  comments of 3 lines without so mush effort, this same could apply to debunk feminist accusations on the gaming world.

                Lets continue


                William Gilchrist

                1:43 PM on 31/5/2012
                It's a good thing this is purely opinion. In the same sense, what you consider a good game/movie/book someone else may feel it is not for them and vice versa. As much as you dislike the Hitman series or this game in particular, all you do with "reviews" of games you haven't actually played is add more free advertising of the game. Perhaps a more honest review from someone who actually has played the game would be better than this journalistic tat?

                Andrew Thorley

                9:09 AM on 1/6/2012
                It's a game about killing pure and simple, There nothing more repugnant to the senses than murder. Honestly i can't help put think that i-o interactive have payed key "journalists" some pennies to generate this controversy, hey and good on them if they had. Frankly i'm growing tired of the call of duties out there, where you murder people by the thousand, and no one bats an eye lid to that.

                What i find absolutely hilarious that this knee jerk reaction isn't restricted to the tabloids, but also to the likes of charlie brooker, of all people.What i find more worrying as that all this "shock" is based on a single trailer, by people who've clearly yet to play any of the previous games from the hitman series, and if they had then they'd understand that the world in which agent 47 is a dark one that always involves people from a specific sub culture.

                honestly i'm still laughing know, all these "precious" moral reaction to a game called "hitman" are these people for real?
                As one commenter on the mirror pointed out the TomRaider franchise do almost the same thing, Lara Croft basically kill countless men in the whole serie while she never kill a woman, meanwhile agent 47 kill both men and women without any guilt, meaning Agent 47 believes in equality more than Lara does.

                It is note the first time Hitman is marketed like this, for Hitman Blood Money 2006 they used a death beauty executed in the official page which was banned in many countries.

                The IGN article which was the only one wrote by a woman got many negative reaction from user you can see the gamers reaction here on the comments section.

                As anyone with knowledge about VideoGames know is that up to 97 % of characters you have to kill, mutilated, kidnap, torture, murder, humiliate etc are men, in recent years women have come to be the same, for example Saint Row The Third is one of them, women are bad as men and criminal as men, you are put in missions to kill women just like countless game do with men.

 Sexualisation? for real?
Regather to the sexy outfit the trailer got the typical "sexualitation of women" claim from those wrote a negative about the trailer, something very small comparing how the two sexes are portrayed in videogames, where men are apart from being the prime target of violence, are also created with muscle so big a real bodybuilder would never get without some illegal drugs, this claim about sexualisation of women in games is the reason (according to those who want to get excuse for women not being into game like men do) that women are barred from games, lets put it again, beautiful virtual women revealing outfits keep women out of the gaming world but by contrast men don't have that problem, just in Street Fighter franchise the character Zangief is more sexualised than the female Chun Li.
From these who want to accuse the gaming world of hatred of women the backlash is not small, just take the next video from the gaming site 1UP and the negative votes it got.

And this is a response from the MRA Youtuber


Double standard 

VideoGames allows people to do things they will never do in real live, that is the beauty of games but when a   whole culture is accused of hatred specially by those who know nothing about games get every gamer pissed.

Just the Last year on the same E3 Ubisoft revealed Ghost Recon Future Soldier, the trailer you can watch below is what you usually get in games, notice at 02:25 how the women is keep alive and is told to stay down. This sort of thing didn't get the same backlash like Hitman did.  
The nun fetish

Other thing got those accuser angry was the sexy outfit, the nun fetish that sell so mush, in the other hand just in other media, movies, this happen all the time without the accusation of sexualisation of women, in the latest Lindsay Lohan's movie "Machete" she appears in the same way:

And not just that, in the same movie, two sexy nurses appears carrying guns and shooting like crazy just like Hitman's nuns:

But is the Gaming world who get the misogynist accusation. 


  1. MRA, I think io should add another one to their Hitman series like 'Beware: COUGARS are Coming to Devour Ya". And you - the player are a 20 something year old alpha male university student who has to escape the sexual WRATH of the deparaved and unrelenting 40+ invading Cougars! Of course the invading cougars are armed to the hilt and mutilate the young men targets after they've all had sex with him, by cutting off his penis and all laughing triumphantly about it on some trashy midday TV talk show!
    I wonder what they'd have to say about that game?

    1. There is a upcoming movie called "Magic Mike" starring Channing Tatum, who has become some sort of "Romeo" for starring in so many romantic movies made by the same who created "The Notebook".

      "Magic Mike" is about males strippers, even the movie shows many 20 something actress like many summers's movies do, is well know that middle age women are the most of goers to stripper clubs, and when we talk about Cougars/MILF/Sugarmamma we have to talk about what they are looking on men.

      I'll write something about it next time, but more into the male point of view and sugarmamma trend.

      Your idea about the video game is hilarious, and is exactly what happen and women do.

  2. The problem the critics have with these games is that they challenge the feminist gender stereotype of men are evil while women are good. The critics want to maintain the female chauvinist idea that women can do no wrong and that if a woman ever did something wrong then it must be a man's fault.

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