Friday, September 23, 2011

The bubble of independent women

The majority of women this days see themselves as independent, tough, powerful and maybe super heroes, and if you ask them about it the first thing they say is "I don;t need a men to take care of me", "I don;t need a man to buy me what I want" and the philosophy "I support myself".

In the old days when women specially young girls in their teens started to think about men they thought about childrens, house, husband, cooking, cleaning etc, they looked for the best man, and men were responsible for the whole family, there weren't welfare, medicaid, shelter, feminist, special laws to protect them because that was the dad's job then was the husband's job, women had all the protection they needed in the men of their life, if there were money problem, the man was responsible, the young boys were responsible for the family in father's absent, not matter if he is the younger child in the family, especially if the father went to war, in case when the only boy died  was a problem for the family because he was suppose take the dad's place.

How many women wanted to do this? no one, so they are not oppressed they were where they had to.

Women had the duty of keeping everything in order at home, they were not oppressed, they were bored, women didn't work like men because they didn't need to, the jobs were pretty awful, I'm not talking about computers playing solitary, receptionist or childcare, it's construction work without safety, there were not easy job this days, a women barely could work on a farm, the women life was, what I call "you have what you need and you are where you have to" and was the same for men working as a welder walking on a thin metal beam at a 34th floor .

Today women have their own laws, shelter just for women, only-women gym, only-women business meeting and they are happy with that, the portrait of women like victim of men, government "controlled  by men" business "controlled by men" etc by feminist made women angry, men special white nights felt guilty, no individual can have independence being treaty like a victim, women today can get pregnant smoke and she will be the victim of her addiction if the father denounced her he will have "violated" her rights according to the government , but remember it is the "best interest of the child", you can have consensual sex at night with a woman and she can deny it in the morning, the system had become so corrupted that see father disposable, but the root is feminism, giving women special care, special laws, and more income in a lot of ways like child support, alimony, make women more dependent of men that they don't know: taxpayer.

The government doesn't have money by their own, they take the money from taxpayer so they can support every law for "victims", shelters, courts, and more money for feminist means more votes, women today believe they can support themselves when they live from welfare for every child, are portrayed like victim, when they really become more dependent of the system and the work, women don't have the choice of stay at home or work, and that was supposed to be the feminism goal, ask any women no matter if she is single mom or not, 
if you had the opportunity to choose work or stay at home looking  after children and and your husband earns enough to support all of you would you work?

You'll get a big not, most of the women don't chose to work, they need to work, they don;t have the choice that was supposed to be about feminist goal. that is why women are more unhappy that men in the workplace, because they are symbolical being forced to do something they don't want to. 

When you encounter a single mom and she tell you she is independent just because she don't need a man, ask her how much child support she receives and about welfare of every child, of course she will feel uncomfortable, but  pseudo independent women are the first to start talking about what she thinks she doesn't need but the question about what she need to live.

Women are being taught to show up all her power to everyone, that is why TV show and movies about women being "powerful" like Sex and the city are big rating among women, women don't want to see the true when men are the builder of every brick in NY, they want to see a woman kicking a man's testicle if he doesn't want to marry her.

Remember this:No individual can have independence being treaty like a victim

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