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Why can't women be U.S Navy Seals?


It is a good question, why? if women are so capable of doing anything  that men do even better? well that is the problem women don't do anything men do just because their are women, after the raid that killed Bin Laden, the SEAL became a icon of the american army, who are these soldier? or better question who are these men? what? didn't you know that women are not allow to became SEALs? well look the requirements here:

  • be an active-duty member of the U.S. Navy
  • be a man (women aren't allowed to be Navy SEALs)
  • be 28 or younger (although waivers for 29- and 30-year-olds are possible)
  • have good vision -- at least 20/40 in one eye and 20/70 in the other (corrective surgery is also possible)
  • be a U.S. citizen
  • pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)
  • Pass a stringent physical screening test that includes the following procedure: swim 500 yards in 12.5 minutes or less, followed by a 10-minute rest; do 42 push-ups in under two minutes, followed by a two-minute rest; do 50 sit-ups in under two minutes, followed by a two-minute rest; do six pull-ups, followed by a 10-minute rest; run 1.5 miles in boots and long pants in less than 11.5 minutes.

Yahoo Answer is a good source for this kind of questions, of course  remember who is writing is not always a MENSA member, but you have a question with a awesome and epic answer and amazing citation you cant not pay attention and run the voice.

The user  kristin asked 4 years ago (before Bin Laden raid) 

Why can't women be U.S Navy Seals?

If they are strong enough and commited enough, why can't they even try out??

And the answer by the user Geoff C  who was in the army give the better and awesome answer ever:

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

1st becuase women are not allowed in direct combat roles.

2nd women are not required to sign up for the selective service. Get ALL women on board with the fact that they might get drafted into a combat role if the draft is re instituted (not just the one's wanting to be seals) then you might have an issue.

3rd Women's Physical fitness requirements are not the same meaning they dont have to do the same thing as men or as fast as men to achieve the same score on the test. When all women are required to compete with men on a even playing field then it could be an issue, but I bet most women dont want their scores to be judged for doing the same fitness test as men, they would fall behind on the scores and it would affect their promotion chances since those scores play into promotion boards.

4) women have hygiene problems that men dont. Not just the monthly but yeast infections and a lot of other things. on missions that seals do you often dont have the time or ability to keep clean this would cause problems on missions.

ADDITION: There has always been the women are as strong as men argument, yet if we took away the segragation just in sports alone and no longer had men's/woman's track, Basketball, baseball, tennis, and so on.

There wouldnt be a woman in the record books. There wouldnt be women in sports.

Why is it OK for women to have a gym that only allows women to join, but women always want to crash an all male program stating discrimination?

Women dont want equal rights they want special rights. I bet if you polled the women around the country and asked if they would be willing to be drafted so a few women could try out for the seals it would get a resounding no.

Take a look at the chart in the link below and see how women get more time on the run to achieve the same score as a man who did it faster how they are not required to do pull ups. Yet they get the same score which goes towards your promotion consideration.

Here he encounters the user Kali who say this:
I think that this is all crap. Sorry but it is. I am a female athlete that has out run most men my age and oer through out high school. I trained with guys because it makes me a better female competitor. As for the whole bit about a woman not being able to drag a man that wieghs 200 plus is not right either. I know personally i can squat 250 with no problems. I am not bragging or anything but i am just proving that a woman could do it. As for the periods out on the field they do have shot, and other means so you dont have your period as much(4 times in 1 year). And the bra breaking, obviously you havent heard of sports bra's. Guys get PMS also its just called something else so dont give me that crap. Why do you think that there are woman body builders now...because we can get just as strong as a guy. Oh and about the stuff that a man might look at a girl as a sex object for when they are deployed for long periods of time, thats not our falt that guys cant keep thier head on the job. Thats why they train you to never lose your bearings. Why else would you go through all that training. I think that woman should be able to be in those fields if they could pass the same standerds as men. Men need to get over the fact about 'male jobs' bcause that day is long gone! I dont want to offend any one i just think that a woman is just as good as a guy if they trained hard enough and put thier mind to it.
My coach for running is the third best runner in the world, and can out do many many males because she trains to win. Many other woman i know that have passed males. Sorry but we are just as good.

ADDITION: kali so what you are saying is we should make special exceptions for the few women who can keep up with men? The other women should be allowed to take PFT tests that are sub standard to what the men do? The amount of women that could stay in the military would drop drastically if they had to meet the men's standard. Why should we let one woman obtain something saying women are just as good while allowing other women to get by doing less. Either women are just as good or they are not.

I doubt your female coach is the 3rd best runner in the world as no female runner has finished with a time ahead of the 3 top men's time. She might be the 3rd best female runner.

If we took the top 3 scores/times from every event in running there would not be a woman in any of them. I agree there are some and I mean some women who could physically do the job, but they would be the exception to the rule. Why should we make special rules for the few who can. If you want equality then it needs to be across the board, All women sign up for selective service to be drafted to combat positions. All women in the military must preform the same PFT test the men do with the same standards any not making the cut are out. That is equal.

How many women do you think would go for that? Not many... just the few who could do it.

By the way it isnt just the men that have a problem with the sec issue the women do to. They come back pregnant and they didnt get that way by keeping their bearings.

By the way I am glad you can run around a track really fast, but the fact that you said that tells me you have no idea what military combat is like or what it takes. Try doing it when you havent showered in 20 days in full gear boots helmet, pack, weapon oh yeah and 2 hours sleep over the last 4 days and someone is shooting at you.

Then there is the emotional end of it. two male friends get mad at each other and they punch each other next day they are having a beer together and friends again. Two women get mad at each other becuase one said they didnt like the others hair and you have a 2 week fued then 3 days of having to talk it out and crying.

BY THE WAY, you said your running coach is the 3rd best runner in the world and can out run many males becuase she trains to win. Well if what you were saying was true then she wouldnt out run many men she would out run all but 2...

By the way before I was wounded in Iraq I use to run a lot never finished 1st in the races I entered but did ok. There were people that finished ahead of me, but they were the 90 pounders who couldnt carry me to saftey if I needed it.

I was glad when I got shot there was a couple of 190lbs Marines to get me out of there when I needed it.

Before you expect people to accept you can do something you need to prove it to them that you can. Women need to 1st champion the idea to get all military, Police & Firefighting PFT test to be equal. After you guys do that and show you can consitantly keep up with the men then you can ask for consideration for the other things.

Bet if you polled the women in the country, heck even just the women in the military to see if they wanted their standards raised to be the same as the men's and if they couldnt meet the standards they were out and if they scored low their promotions would be held up. I bet you wouldnt get many yes votes.

PLEASE LOOK AT THE LINKS BELOW, explain to me how the fastest female runner in each event never even beats the number 10 male runner in any of the events yet your coach is some how ranked 3rd in the world?

The places where women serve in combat such as russia during WW2 and other examples are places where life is hard on everyone growing up, Growing up in the soviet union as a woman was much different than growing up as a woman in america. The other countries that used them were countries that had been at war for many many decades and needed to use woman to subsidise their male counterparts to keep from having an entire generations gender wiped out. Like Vietnam who was at war for over 4 decades almost continusly and Israel who has been at a defacto war for over 5 decades.

By the way their are women body builders becuase steriods were widley accepted for the most part. That is the reason most male body builders are around too.

Women are too offended by vulgar talk which is a life sustaining thing in combat units. There would be more time spent at NJP and court martials than fighting if women went to line units. What would you do if a man called you the "C" word? Would it offend you? Yes is the answer but we call each other the equivalent on a daily basis its just how it is and no one gets their panties in a bunch becuase none of us have panties....get it Kali!


After this awesome answer I  decided to make a article about this man and his experience, I know women who can run more that me but this same women couldn't lift what I lift at the gym even I'm out of shape right now.

Next time a woman tells you there are bodybuilder women who are stronger that a average man remember this video of Jill Mills (the stronger woman in the world) being beating by a average man:

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