Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jealous is not scuce to abuse never...ever

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - especially this 4ft 9in woman who was caught on video pummeling her 'cheating' boyfriend on a train. 
A video of pint-sized Lisa Alyounes, 26, exacting her brutal revenge on a man aboard a New Jersey Transit train has gone viral on the YouTube channel 'Train Fights.'
Alyounes, identified by police arrest records, curses her boyfriend and thumps him in the head with her fists, kicks him in the face with her Ugg-style boots and spits on him to show her contempt. 
The assault delayed hundreds of commuters and held back all trains between Camden and Trenton New Jersey.

If it was a man hitting a woman for cheating then you can be sure that people would have stepped in rather than film it


Chivalry is not dead but it should be

In fact we can see in the video below he doesn't move a muscle against her and they still call it a fight lol,  
That is the problem with "princess" these days, like the  McDonald's cashier Rayon McIntosh who defended himself from two female attackers but thanks he was Cleared of Charges, attack is attack not matter if you have a vagina.

Also when the man told the police he did nothing I am sure every one heard the cop say (i hope not) by the way what does that mean (i hope not)?

Well it means he would go to jail for put a finger and try to protect himself. Yes what we have now is that, you better not hit your female attacker back because her uterus, she knows she has advantage in the system and courts that is why she hist him without fear, in the moment he rise his hand white knights will step in.

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