Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Radfem Hub: This is what a feminist look alike.

Recently a voiceformen announced that a MRA called agent orange have infiltrated into the radical feminist site Redfem Hub (Redfem is a acronym for radical feminist)  getting information from its members whose happen to be novelist, teacher, and social worker (yeah your taxes are paying for that) exposing theirs true face, calling a 9 years old boy Mr rape thread and even suggesting throw him out the window, the history you can read here is all thank to agent orange, now the file with the information of these disgusting females is all available in the web you can download all the information for free.

Agent Orange-file Redfem exposed

You can share this information and keep it close to you every time a feminist encounter you.

Let me give you an small example of this hate movement


 Danielle Pynnonen (screen name “Allecto”), a child care worker whose employer is unknown;
Kat Pinder (screen name “Amazon Mancrusher”), a community development coordinator for the City of Perth in Australia and former U.K. Game show Big Brother contestant;
Isabelle Moreira (screen name “Izzie”), a web developer in Curitiba, Brazil;

Mary Syrett (screen name “Mary Sunshine”), a writer and member of the City of Kingston Arts Council in Ontario, Canada;

Julie LeComte (screen name “Rain”), a communications assistant for the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia;

Lorraine Allen (screen name “White Tiger”), a special education teacher at The Center for Discovery Hurleyville, New York;

Laila Namdarkhan (screen name “yabawife”), a well known feminist activist who was instrumental in passing legislation in the U.K. Regarding the mental health of women in prisons;

And of course Pam O’Shaughnesey (screen name changed from “Vliet Tipree” to “karma”), an established writer, publisher and lawyer. In this post, the complete depravity of O’shaughnessy’s ideology shines though with a clear willingness for mass murder as a “last resort.”

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